How It Works: Sonetics Noise Cancelling Headsets

Over the last three decades, noise cancelling headsets have evolved tremendously and today provide many advantages for workers who need to communicate clearly in loud spaces. This remarkable technology restores the ability to hold a natural conversation in any environment, eliminating distracting sounds, making voices easier to hear and improving overall communications and understanding. A...
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TRUVAC HXX Rental Vacuum Excavation Truck Keeps Communities Safe

TRUVAC’s HXX rental vacuum excavation truck meets all mid-sized and full-sized excavation needs, boosts job site productivity and can power jack hammers, tampers and other tools while also towing mini-excavators, job supply trailers or HDD drills.  It’s also the ideal safe-digging machine that protects your team and community at worksites.  Striking underground utilities poses a...
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Common Gas Monitoring Pitfalls to Avoid

Nothing is more important for safety than monitoring for toxic and explosive gases, but many workers in manufacturing facilities do not know the best practices that keep everyone safe. Toxic and explosive gases can quickly leak from failed equipment or gas lines and collect in confined spaces. Unless they are detected, the results of trapped...
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Rugged and Safe Communications with Sonetics Headsets

Wireless team systems are simply powerful. With Sonetics team wireless systems, pushing the power button is as complicated as it gets. The only thing you’ll notice is advanced hearing protection, clear audio and the most secure communications possible. All that’s left for you to do is get the job done. Full-Duplex Communication Hands-free use for...
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TRUVAC Paradigm Hydrovac Truck Provides Safe, Efficient Excavation

The most innovative and non-CDL sub-compact hydrovac truck available today, TRUVAC’s Paradigm is designed to exceed the strictest safe-digging requirements. This customer-inspired hydro excavation truck allows you to excavate safely and efficiently around underground utilities. Hydrovac Truck Applications The Paradigm hydrovac truck can safely excavate around utilities with air or water, power pneumatic, electrical or...
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5 Tips for Safe Vacuum Excavation

Vacuum excavation involves using high-powered vacuum suction to remove soil and move it to a debris tank. This is a common method used to excavate soil to expose underground utilities, and its favored because it is a less destructive and more accurate method.  Hydro excavation equipment itself can be complex, combining compressed air, high-pressure water...
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Vacuum Excavation Trucks Promote Safe Digging, Protect Communities

All across the United States, underground utility lines keep our communities connected and powered. This network is so extensive that, if you added the length of every line together, you’d have over 20 million miles of lines.  Every six minutes, one of these lines is damaged. When a gas line is disrupted, the result can...
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Don’t Be Caught Off Guard: Operating Vacuum Trucks Safely

Hydro excavation trucks like our TRUVAC line, are incredible tools. They power through rocks and packed dirt easily, and they work delicately around utility lines. Hydro-vac trucks help construction teams work more efficiently and, in many cases, more safely. Vacuum trucks do come with their own set of risks that you should be aware of,...
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The Advantages of Using a Vacuum Excavator Truck

Did you know that there were over 400,000 excavation accidents in 2017, and between 2017 and 2018, 22 construction workers died due to excavation problems. These accidents lead to a search for safer excavation techniques and are a major reason why more and more worksites are using vacuum excavator trucks today. What is a Vacuum Excavation...
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Understanding Vacuum Excavation and The Benefits of a Vacuum Excavator Rental

If you need to excavate in a small space or with limited environmental damage, the process of vacuum excavation is what you’re looking for.  But what is vacuum excavation? Why should you rent a TRUVAC vacuum truck instead of buying one? Continue reading to learn the answers to these questions and many more. Understanding the...
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