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Hydro Vacuum Excavation Trucks for the Toughest Environments
Hydro Excavation Trucks for the Engineering Industry from Haaker Underground


Our hydro excavation trucks for sale are perfect for piling and test holes, debris removal, daylighting, trenching, digging safely around buried infrastructure and performing in the most rugged varied soil conditions. 

TRUVAC Vacuum Extractors at Haaker Underground


Safety is crucial in the construction industry, and TRUVAC hydro vacuum excavation trucks help your team safely navigate any project. Our vacuum excavator trucks are designed to excel in the most congested work sites and are perfect for trenching, potholing, debris removal and daylighting. 

Hydro Excavation Trucks for the Industrial Sector


TRUVAC hydro excavation trucks meet the demands of industrial clients. Solutions include fly ash removal, utility verification, thawing frozen conduits and lines, cable installation, tower cleaning, vessel removal and more. 

Hydro vac trucks Railways

Railways + Transportation

Our hydro vacuum excavation trucks increase safety, boost productivity and reduce expenses. TRUVAC hydro vac trucks are ideal for repairing and maintaining rail yards, bridges and other transportation structures. 

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TRUVAC vacuum excavators are the superior solution for de-watering, sump clean-outs, conveyor system clean-outs, mining equipment cleaning, storm drain cleaning, holding pond clean-outs and excavation in hard-to-reach sites. 

Haaker Underground Hydro Excavation Truck for Sale

Aggregate + Asphalt Plants

TRUVAC hydro excavators are ideal for cleaning reclaimed water storage tanks, culverts and storm drains, underneath conveyor belts and truck scales and clearing debris, rock and sand from inside tunnels. 


Oil + Gas

Oil and gas industry professionals trust TRUVAC hydro vac trucks for pipeline crossings, site abandonment, fractures tank clean outs, spill clean ups, thawing frozen lines, rig cleaning, trenching for pipeline repair and installation and pipeline crossings.

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TRUVAC vacuum excavator trucks are the perfect solution for gas distribution construction, cable installation, replacing utility pole holes, cleaning submersible transformers, maintaining gas feeder stations and more. 

truvac vacuum excavators power generation hacker underground

Power Generation

TRUVAC hydro vacuum trucks are designed to meet challenges in the power generation industry, including creating utility pole holes, cable installation, locating lost cables, cleaning, maintenance and utility verification. 


TRUVAC and Haaker Underground are dedicated to advanced, safe-digging technology, to superior productivity and to better performance. That’s what we were founded on, and it’s what we deliver to you in every TRUVAC hydro vacuum excavation truck.