Work Safer and Smarter


The hands-free operation of Sonetics wireless headsets keep your team safer on the job.


Wireless headsets help avoid the mishaps that can end up costing a contractor mega bucks.


Sonetics wireless headsets reduce background noise and allow you to hear the important things —completely hands-free.

Improved safety, communication and productivity


Sonetics headsets provide reliable, rugged communication that helps your team be more productive, work safer and communicate hands-free. There are no more buttons to push or waiting to take turns – with Sonetics, you can just talk naturally!

TRT 255/265

Sonetics Triton Wireless

Features of this over-head style headset include water-resistant and comfortable ear seals, extended operating temperature, robust design, waterproof microphone, three-way adjustable boom, DECT6 wireless technology, long-life battery, interference-free wireless communication system and full support integration.

TRT 235/245

Sonetics Triton Wireless

The Sonetics TRT 235/245 wireless headset maintains continuous hands-free full-duplex communication among your crew. Features include long-life battery, 1600 foot line-of-sight range, interference-free and secure wireless communication system, extended-range operating temperature, full-duplex intercom and memory foam ComLeather ear seals.

APX 372

Sonetics Apex 3 Series

The Sonetics APX372 delivers rugged performance, all-day comfort and an automatic dosimeter that protects you from harmful noise levels while enhancing all other audio for comfortable listening. Situational awareness is provided through Stereo Listen-Through without sacrificing hearing protection and safety.

APX 373

Sonetics Apex 3 Series

This radio transmit headset with advanced hearing protection connects to nearly any portable radio via direct-wire cable. Industry-leading hearing protection helps you communicate safely in even the most challenging work environments, and Listen-Through situational awareness protects your hearing while allowing you to have face-to-face conversations and hear your surroundings.

APX 375

Sonetics Apex 3 Series

Featuring maximum hearing protection and long-wearing comfort, the Sonetics APX375 allows you to listen to music, integrate with a two-way radio and take calls via wireless Bluetooth and wired inputs. Rugged, comfortable and submersible, this design ensures flawless performance in all work environments.

APX 377

Sonetics Apex 3 Series

Protect yourself from harmful noise levels while enhancing all other audio to comfortable listening levels with the APX 377. Benefits and features include Stereo Listen-Through, two-way radio and MP3 player connection, rugged durability in even the most extreme environments and improved team communications.

APX 379

Sonetics Apex 3 Series

The Sonetics APX379 features a rugged design that is waterproof and rustproof, real-time measurement of sound levels around you and at your ears, automatically-adjusting sound levels, Stereo Listen-Through technology, one-to-many channels, headsets that scale to your team and Bluetooth technology.


Sonetics and Haaker Underground are dedicated to advanced, safe-digging technology, to superior productivity and to better performance. That’s what we were founded on, and it’s what we deliver to you in every piece of Sonetics equipment.