Cimline continues to elevate industry standards, consistently pushing the envelope of design and technology in asphalt repair. Their commitment to quality is demonstrated by the robust build of their equipment, guaranteeing durability and longevity, regardless of the rigors of the job site. Cimline’s dedication to user-friendly design ensures that operators of all levels can proficiently utilize their tools to deliver exceptional results. Their impressive range of products addresses the unique challenges of every repair task, offering effective solutions that range from crack sealing and pothole patching to emulsion storage.


At Haaker Underground, we’re proud to provide Cimline’s superior asphalt repair equipment, designed with your needs at the forefront. The Cimline product line embodies an unrivaled blend of ergonomic features, user-friendly controls, and innovative technology aimed at ensuring the quietest, safest, and most economical operations in the industry.

Cimline’s pioneering spirit is celebrated in the field, with numerous industry-first breakthroughs to their credit, such as the oil jacketed kettle, vertical material agitator, dual temperature control, electronic burner ignition, and rubber torsion axles. With a rich heritage that spans five decades, they’ve emerged as the go-to experts for paving and asphalt repair.

Explore our selection of Cimline solutions designed to improve productivity and reduce the costs of pothole patching, asphalt maintenance, and emulsion storage. Reach out to us today to schedule a free demo, and experience firsthand why we stand by Cimline as your trusted partner in asphalt repair.

CIMLINE MA4 Longitudinal Joint Sealer

The MA4 was designed to make longitudinal joint sealing, VRAM and fog sealing features such as rumble strips and paint lines easy for any crew to perform. Operators will find the controls simple and intuitive with minimal training necessary which means your crew will be ready to make expert applications, accurately and consistently every time. No CDL is required. The MA4 can be towed by a 1-ton work truck giving your company the ability to perform the job on your own schedule, freeing you from the constraints of contractors and creating greater profit margins on your jobs. 

Cimline M-Series Crack Sealer Machines

Cimline’s new M1 and M2 crack sealers build on fifty plus years of innovation. Known for reliability, performance and productivity, contractors rave about the operator ease of use in the Cimline M-Series crack sealers, which range from 150 to 410-gallons capacities. Lowest load height in the pavement maintenance industry optimizes operator safety. Safer road crack sealing machine operation with noise levels up to 40% lower. Simplify training with easy-to-use automatic controls. Superior ergonomics with either the new M-Series Lightweight wand or Dripless wand and heated hose.

Cimline P5 One-Person Patcher

DuraPatcher Technology allows you to patch in almost any weather conditions and eliminate labor-intensive, poor performing patches. Safe and simple pothole patching machine with a one-person crew from the comfort of a cab. Maximizes your budget by never having to patch the same pothole twice. Faster and simpler patching process that limits public disruption.

Cimline P2 Two-Person Patcher

Lowest cost per patch with as little as 2-person crew and lower material costs. The 3 piece boom design provides the ultimate in support for the operator moving the delivery hose. The boom/slide system easily moves throughout the entire 18-foot working radius allowing for smooth patching anywhere in the work zone.

Cimline K-Series Emulsion Applicator

The K2 and K5 Emulsion Applicators provide high-performance reliable heating and application of bituminous emulsions and tack coats. From the large maintenance hatch and 7 gauge steel tank to the reliable torsion axles, the K-Series is built to get the job done with operator-friendly features and long service life.

Cimline R3 Asphalt Crack Router

The key to effective crack sealing is preparation. Extend the life of your pavement by routing a reservoir, cleaning with a heat lance then applying properly heated rubberized sealant. The R3 asphalt crack router utilizes the latest technology to provide accurate, high-performance routing. The R3 dust suppression safely mitigates dust for up to 45 minutes of constant cut time.

Cimline T1 Mobile Emulsion Tank

Saves fuel and transport costs with fewer trips to the emulsion plant. Optimizes your operation with the ability to heat to your climate and specifications. Efficient and safe tank includes 2” of insulation and a fire-retardant cover.

Cimline ME-Series Mastic Melter Machine

Cimline has created a new product line for customers that use prepackaged mastic as part of their pavement maintenance process. The ME Series was designed to be a straightforward, reliable and safe way for operators to be able to apply mastic repairs to a wide range of pavements such as asphalt roadways and parking lots.

Cimline P3 Truck-Mounted Patcher

Simplify patching operation – Just add rock and emulsion with this self-contained patching machine. The same features as the trailer patcher but with truck-mounted convenience. Especially useful in low clearance residential streets or areas with tight turning radii. The 6 yd aggregate hopper keeps operators out working with fewer refills. The Universal design easily mounts to most truck chassis.

Cimline T-Series Stationary Tanks

Become self-sufficient in your patching and chip seal programs by installing a stationary emulsion storage tank. Convenient access to the properly heated emulsion is critical to streamlining the short patching and chip seal season. On-demand supply of emulsion keeps crews out working and not driving to the emulsion plant. Tanks are available in capacities from 3,000 to 10,000 gallons.

Cimline P4 Roll-Off Patcher

Utilize your existing Hook Lifts and add the proven effectiveness of spray injection to permanently repair potholes and washouts. The self-contained hook lift P4 can be loaded on the truck in minutes for two-person patching. In national tests, spray-injection patching has ranked highest for the lowest cost per patch and longest lasting versus all other methods.


Explore our selection of Cimline solutions designed to improve productivity and reduce the costs of pothole patching, asphalt maintenance, and emulsion storage. Reach out to us today to schedule a free demo, and experience firsthand why we stand by Cimline as your trusted partner in asphalt repair.