Hydro vac applications for every industry

A Safe, Efficient Solution

TRUVAC vacuum excavators are the safest, most efficient solution for non-destructive excavation. We use highly-pressurized water and a unique vacuum system to expose or excavate existing infrastructure. While the pressurized water liquifies soil, our powerful vacuum systems extract it from depths of up to 50 feet and from distances of up to 600 feet.

Safety is our top priority

Our goal is zero incidents, and we work hard to improve our trucks and processes to keep your personnel safe.

Dedicated to innovation and productivity

The TRUVAC fleet is built on decades of industry know-how, resulting in state-of-the-art technology and innovations that improve efficiency, productivity and safety.

Efficiently solve challenges in every industry

Our hydro vac excavators perform in the most extreme conditions, deliver reliable performance and keep your projects safe and productive.

Work around buried infrastructure

TRUVAC is a leader in hydro vac excavation with a reputation for safety when working in areas with existing buildings, infrastructure and facilities.

Work in varied soil conditions

TRUVAC hydro vacuum excavation trucks are designed to excel in even the toughest conditions. Our trucks work safely and efficiently in areas that feature sand, mud, ground frost, hard-packed dirt and compacted clay.

Dig in frozen ground conditions

TRUVAC hydro vacuum excavation trucks are versatile — performing even in areas where the soil is frozen and the temps are down to negative 40 degrees Fahrenheit.

Excavate deep and far

TRUVAC excavation trucks are no match for depth or distance, enabling you to excavate 600 feet from the truck at depths up to 50 feet. This keeps your team safe and allows excavation work in areas with limited access.

Anode Installations

TRUVAC excavation trucks are a cost-effective, safe method for quickly excavating around anode installations without harming nearby infrastructure.

Utility Pole Holes

TRUVAC excavator trucks are ideal for excavating or digging holes for power poles, light standards, telecom poles, signs, fences, traffic signals and more.


TRUVAC trucks improve productivity and project safety by allowing for visual confirmation of buried lines and replacing dangerous mechanical excavation or hand-digging techniques.


TRUVAC’s non-destructive, non-mechanical qualities make our equipment ideal for excavating narrow trenches for cable, utility and pipe installation.

Debris Removal

Remove spills, soil, debris, water and sludge with TRUVAC vacuum trucks from over 600 feet away. TRUVAC’s pressurized water systems are ideal for frac tank clean-outs, ballast removal, pipe-rammed casing clean-outs, removal of material from inside buildings and more.

Emergency Response

Respond to disasters quickly when they strike. Our vacuum trucks are ideal for debris removal, mud, sewage and water removal after flooding, cleaning up after oil and fuel spills and removing hazardous waste.

Tanks and Tank Cleaning

All tanks need to be cleaned at some point, and TRUVAC excavators do it with industrial-strength vacuum and water systems that result in efficient, effective work.


Safety is of the upmost importance in the oil and gas industry, and TRUVAC hydro vac trucks provide non-destructive pipeline excavation that is essential for pipeline tie-ins and crossings. Other applications include hydro probing, cleaning up fuel and oil spills and utility conflicts waste.

Service Pits

For the water, sewer, gas, telecom and electrical sectors, TRUVAC trucks allow for precise excavation of service pits in areas with existing infrastructure or facilities with minimal disruption to the surrounding area.

Power Distribution

TRUVAC excavator trucks enable you to lower costs while increasing productivity and safety and exposing buried infrastructure. Applications include sacrificial anode installation, directional drilling test holes, subsurface utility engineering test holes and pipeline and utility crossings.


TRUVAC and Haaker are dedicated to advanced, safe-digging technology, to superior productivity and to better performance. That’s what we were founded on, and it’s what we deliver to you in every piece of TRUVAC equipment.