Hydro Vacuum Trucks Built to Help You Do Your Job Better, Faster, Safer

You’re smart. You want equipment that does the job not just faster, but also safer. You want a hydro vacuum extractor that is as reliable and rugged as you are.

Your equipment isn’t just about work — it’s also about safety. Digging without knowing the approximate location of underground utilities can result in serious damage to electric, sewer, communications, gas and water lines, leading to service disruptions, serious injuries and costly repairs.

TRUVAC’s precision, service and dependability is something to be proud of. Dig right. Dig fast. Dig strong. Dig smart with TRUVAC. 

Paradigm hydro vacuum truck
The most innovative sub-compact hydro vacuum excavator on the market.

Excavate around utilities with the highest level of efficiency and safety. Customer-Inspired and built to satisfy the strictest safe-digging requirements, the TRUVAC Paradigm is unmatched. 

FLXX hydrovac excavation truck
Larger load. Smaller truck. More profitable jobs.

Meet the TRUVAC FLXX, a flexible vac truck providing you maximum payload, performance and productivity in a smaller and more maneuverable package.

Full-Size / Mid-Size titans for the biggest and toughest jobs.

Developed from the ground up, the TRUVAC Full-Size / Mid-Size 824 combines years of hydro vacuum excavation research with customer input and industry experience. 


TRUVAC and Haaker are dedicated to advanced, safe-digging technology, to superior productivity and to better performance. That’s what we were founded on, and it’s what we deliver to you in every piece of TRUVAC hydro vacuum excavation equipment.