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Leader in Innovative, Locating Technology

From the industry’s first high frequency radio line tracer to today’s wide range of high performance, easy-to-use locating products and video inspection cameras, Vivax-Metrotech is acknowledged as a technology and customer service innovator.


Haaker Underground takes pride in offering a range of exceptional products from Vivax. Situated in Santa Clara, California, at the heart of Silicon Valley, Vivax-Metrotech Corporation specializes in the design and manufacturing of buried utility locating instruments and video inspection equipment. Since its inception in 1976, Metrotech has emerged as a pioneering force in locating technology, continuously enhancing productivity through innovative designs in our instruments.

vLoc3-Cam Sonde Locator

Easiest to Use Sonde Locator on the Market

The easiest, quickest and most accurate way to locate the position of a sonde is found in the vLoc3-Cam Sonde Locator. The bright full-color intuitive graphical display guides the user to the sonde using directional arrows. When directly on top of the sonde a large sonde icon appears confirming the sonde location and it’s depth reading is confirmed.

vLoc3-Pro Receiver

Utility Locator

The vLoc3-Pro utility locator introduces new innovative tools for locating buried utilities assuring damage prevention while gathering information for analysis.

With two sets of screened 3D antennas signal distortion is easily detected and displayed on the bright full color display. Along with classic locate screens the vLoc3 series locators offer new locate perspective screens of Vector Locate for fully automatic non-walk over locating, Transverse Graph showing both peak and null simultaneously providing immediate measurement of signal distortion, Plan View showing the relative orientation of the cable at any angle, and a new graphical Sonde screen with guidance arrows leading to the sonde location even when it is vertical.

vLoc3-9800 Receiver

Utility Locator

The vLoc3-9800‘s patented Distance Sensitive Left/Right Guidance and audible tone guide you to the path of your buried utility. Current measurement and the compass line direction indicator confirm that you are on target. The versatile vLoc3-9800 receiver provides the correct frequencies needed for the telecom, power, CATV, gas, water, and sewer utilities.  

The user-configurable vLoc3-9800 series contains two passive locate modes, fault-find mode, and a range of configurable frequencies from 98Hz to 200kHz. Visual and mechanical vibration alerts can be configured by the user providing warnings for signal overload and excessive swinging. Plug-in-play options for the receiver include an optional Bluetooth module usable with external GPS devices and the plug-in vLoc3-MLA (marker locator adapter) to locate buried markers. 

Use the free VM-MAP smartphone application to create real-time maps with GPS data and data from the locator such as time, date, depth of cover, current on the line, and add custom comments to each entry. Data captured by external GPS devices via Bluetooth can be downloaded for further analysis, used with GIS systems or google maps.

Loc3 Series 10-Watt Broadband Transmitter

10-Watt Broadband Transmitter

The Loc3 series 10-Watt broadband transmitter has selectable induction and direct connection frequencies from 98Hz to 200kHz, SD mode (Signal Direction), fault find and true resistance measurement up to 1 Mohm. The two inch by one inch dot matrix display with LED backlight shows output current, connection type, volts, resistance, frequency, volume, battery condition and high voltage warnings.

Loc3 Series 25-Watt Transmitter

25-Watt Transmitter

This powerful 25-watt transmitter is the go-to transmitter for cable fault locating, finding holidays on coated pipes, problematic deep-buried lines, and long-distance pipe and cable locating. The Loc3-25Tx is also well suited for applications for cathodic protected longline pipelines and gas distribution in city areas needing a low-frequency high output transmitter.

The Loc3-25Tx transmitter has selectable direct connection frequencies from 32Hz to 9.82kHz and signal clamp frequencies from 8kHz to 9.82kHz. The two-inch by one-inch dot matrix display with LED backlight shows the user output current, volts, frequency and user feedback warnings.

The Loc3-25Tx is packaged in a rugged, ergonomic IP54 housing and is lightweight at only 7.05lbs (3.19kg). The transmitter provides consistent current output up to 4 Amps peak. The transmitter comes in a soft carry bag with a storage pocket for everyday accessories and can be operated while inside the carry bag.

1-Watt VM-500 Series Transmitter

1-Watt Transmitter | Utility Locator

The VM 500 Series of Utility Locators are general-purpose locators used to detect buried pipe and cable services in a variety of situations.

With a 50/60Hz passive power locating frequency and three active frequencies,the VM 500 Series Utility Locators will meet the requirements of those wishing to detect the presence of active power cables and to trace short ranges. The VM 500 series transmitters also has the additional frequency of 8kHz Fault-find (FF) so it can be used to detect the presence of ground to sheath faults on cable when used with the VM-510 Stand Alone A-Frame fault locator.

The 1-Watt Transmitter applies a locate frequency by direct connection or induction. Optional Induction Clamps can be used to clamp around a line and induce the locate signal onto it.

vCamMX-2 Mini System

Mini-Inspection System

The vCamMX-2 Mini-camera system is versatile and compact at an affordable price. Easily inspect lines from 1-1/2 to 4″ (38 to 100mm), choosing three interchangeable camera heads and two pushrod lengths. The vCamMX-2 mini-camera features a three-frequency sonde, locatable pushrod, distance counter, internal rechargeable batteries, and a built-in voice-over microphone. Record directly to the USB drive while creating a backup copy on the SD card or connect to the VMC app by Wi-Fi and record to the tablet or smartphone.

The vCamMX-2 uses the latest HD and HDR technology to produce clear, crisp videos and images in bad lighting situations. The free VMC app allows instant file sharing through the tablet or smartphones file-sharing options.

VM 850 Utility Locator

Utility Locator

Using the correct frequency makes a world of difference when locating buried utilities. The depth of the utility, size, material, and amount of congestion (proximity of other utilities) all need to be taken into
consideration for the correct frequency selection. Large diameter, direct buried pipes with bell housing ends that use insulators and rubber gaskets, such as water or gas require a higher frequency while smaller
diameter, well-grounded direct buried or long distance in conduits work better with a lower frequency.

The VM-850 operates at a much lower frequency of 9.82kHz which is ideal for smaller diameter utilities such as CATV, power and telephone with less bleeding onto adjacent services.


Haaker Underground is dedicated to providing you with advanced, innovative technology.  That’s what we were founded on, and it’s what we deliver to you in every instrument we provide.