Hazardous noise, downtime costs and reduced labor can hurt your bottom line, but improving communication at your worksite can boost productivity and reduce downtime.

Sonetics wireless headsets help your team communicate hands-free in real time without shutting down equipment or stopping work. They are the solution to some of the most common issues that cause accidents, loss of productivity and injuries.

Sonetics Wireless Headsets Protect Hearing

Many workers in the industrial and manufacturing sectors have been exposed to hazardous noise, jeopardizing their performance on the job and their health.

Sonetics combines communication solutions with hearing protection to increase communication and reduce occupational noise-induced hearing loss. Employees don’t need to remove their headsets to get instructions or alerts, keeping them protected from the time they begin work to the time they clock out.

Increase Productivity

Offering hands-free, simultaneous two-way communication increases productivity. Sonetics headsets keep your supervisors and workers engaged at your worksite, and increased communication reduces confusion on the job.

Decreased Downtime

Every worksite experiences downtime, and while most lose at least 5% of their productive capacity to downtime, some lose as much as 20%.

When workers can communicate in real-time without shutting down equipment or stopping work, downtime decreases. Allowing your team to ask questions and receive answers in real time means they won’t have to step away from their work and are more likely to ask for help or clarification when they need it.

These are just some of the many ways Sonetics Wireless Headsets can protect you and your team on the job. To learn more, or to schedule your free demo, contact Haaker Underground today!