Slot Trenching with Hydrovac Trucks

Need to dig narrow trenches to install cables, signs, pipes, posts or other underground utilities? Hydroexcavation is the best technique for accurate, precise slot trenching. Risks of Conventional Methods Traditional slot trenching methods were time-consuming and dangerous. Doing the work manually is extremely hard and poses serious safety risks. Conventional methods also failed at digging...
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Celebrating National Safe Digging Month

April is National Safe Digging Month, and one of the best ways to celebrate is always calling 811 at least 72 hours before digging.Taking this simple step can prevent injuries, utility outages and property damage. What is 811? 811 is the national call-before you dig phone number. Before digging, call to request that the locations...
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Popularity of Hydro Vacuum Excavators Rising in the Construction Industry

When it comes to hydro vacuum excavators, new machines and new innovations are giving rise to greater acceptance in the construction industry. These trucks break up soil by blasting high pressure water through pipes into the ground. After the soil becomes loose, a powerful vacuum system sucks it into a debris tank. In the past,...
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Sonetics Wireless Headsets Increase Safety, Communication

Hazardous noise, downtime costs and reduced labor can hurt your bottom line, but improving communication at your worksite can boost productivity and reduce downtime. Sonetics wireless headsetsĀ help your team communicate hands-free in real time without shutting down equipment or stopping work. They are the solution to some of the most common issues that cause accidents,...
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Common Gas Monitoring Pitfalls to Avoid

Nothing is more important for safety than monitoring for toxic and explosive gases, but many workers in manufacturing facilities do not know the best practices that keep everyone safe. Toxic and explosive gases can quickly leak from failed equipment or gas lines and collect in confined spaces. Unless they are detected, the results of trapped...
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