The Many Advantages of Hydrovac Truck Rental in Phoenix

For many businesses in the construction, utility, and excavation industries, the decision to own or rent equipment is often a significant one. Particularly when it comes to large, specialized machinery like hydrovac trucks, the costs and logistics can be daunting. However, in many cases, hydrovac truck rental in Phoenix may provide an efficient, cost-effective solution,...
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Introducing the Elgin RegenX in Los Angeles: Clean Streets, Better Cities

Keeping our urban environments clean and well-maintained is a task that requires effective and efficient tools. In bustling cities like Los Angeles, this becomes even more crucial. Enter the Elgin RegenX, a groundbreaking mid-dump regenerative air street sweeper designed to address the unique challenges of urban cleanliness. Not only is the Elgin RegenX in Los...
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The best vacuum excavator nozzles from Haaker Underground

The Best Vacuum Excavator Nozzles from Vactor and Hydra-Flex

When it comes to hydro-excavation, the right tools make all the difference. An often-overlooked component is the nozzle, a small yet vital part that can dramatically influence excavation speed, efficiency, and the safety of your crew. Today, we’ll be exploring some of the top vacuum excavator nozzles from industry leaders Vactor and Hydra-Flex, and how...
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Underground Excavation Safety Matters

In the high-risk world of underground excavation, safety is everything. One often underestimated but critical factor contributing to this safety is effective gas detection. With hazardous gases often present in excavation sites, reliable gas detection equipment is essential to ensure the well-being of your workers and the success of your project. That’s where RKI Gas...
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Experience Unmatched Efficiency with TRUVAC Equipment in Las Vegas

When it comes to hydro vacuum excavation, it’s imperative to have equipment that combines power, efficiency, and safety. TRUVAC equipment in Las Vegas is the ideal choice for industry professionals who understand these requirements and strive for unmatched productivity. Today, we’ll focus on two of TRUVAC‘s exceptional models, the Paradigm and the FLXX. The Power...
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Ring-O-Matic Equipment in Phoenix: Efficient and Reliable Solutions for Excavation Projects

Haaker Underground is excited to offer a wide range of Ring-O-Matic equipment, designed to provide efficient and reliable solutions for excavation. Here’s why we think Ring-O-Matic equipment is an excellent choice for your excavation projects in Phoenix: Introducing Ring-O-Matic Equipment Ring-O-Matic equipment is designed to provide efficient and reliable solutions for the excavation industry. From...
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Sonetics wireless headsets

Protecting Workers on Construction Sites with Sonetics Wireless Headsets in Las Vegas

As a leading provider of excavation equipment and wireless communications systems in Las Vegas, we understand the importance of protecting workers on construction sites. One significant safety concern is the risk of noise exposure, which can lead to permanent hearing loss and other health problems. That’s why we prioritize hearing protection and recommend using Sonetics...
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The TRUVAC HXX in Los Angeles: Providing Precise and Safe Excavation

Safety is a top priority at Haaker Underground, which is why we’re thrilled to offer the TRUVAC HXX hydro excavator. This innovative machine uses high-pressure water and vacuum technology to excavate and remove soil, debris, and other materials. Designed for non-destructive excavation in sensitive areas such as near underground utilities, the HXX is ideal for...
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Elgin RegenX in use

Why the Elgin RegenX is a Game-Changer for Street Sweeping in the Central Valley

As a leading provider of street sweeping equipment, Haaker Underground understands the importance of reliable, efficient equipment for maintaining clean and safe streets. That’s why we’re excited to offer the Elgin RegenX, a revolutionary new street sweeper that is changing the game in street sweeping. Here’s why we think the Elgin RegenX is an excellent...
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Keep Workers Safe with RKI Gas Detection Equipment in Phoenix

At Haaker Underground, we understand the importance of gas detection equipment in the wastewater treatment industry. Gas detectors play a crucial role in ensuring the safety of workers and the surrounding environment, especially in confined spaces such as wastewater treatment plants. That’s why we are proud to partner with RKI Gas Detection to provide our...
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