Backing the Future: Updating the Grid and Avoiding Utility Strikes in Arizona, California, and Nevada

As municipalities across the United States endeavor to modernize their electrical infrastructure and extend current grids to encompass previously underserved regions, they encounter a host of formidable obstacles. The presence of outdated grids and inadequate infrastructure not only heightens the risk of blackouts and system failures but also amplifies the susceptibility to climate-induced disturbances such as extreme weather events. In the subsequent discussion, we will delve into the critical significance of revitalizing the U.S. electric grid, laying out a detailed vision for the grid’s future trajectory. Vivax-Metrotech’s Utility Locators assume an indispensable role in this transformative process, elucidating how their technology becomes a linchpin in the seamless evolution towards a more efficient and resilient national grid network.

Why Update Electric Grids?

The United States electric grid, established in the 19th century, faces a critical need for modernization due to aging power plants and infrastructure, rising demand, and climate fluctuations. This combination presents pressing challenges to the grid’s operational reliability and efficiency. The aging average power plant and transformer age underscore the immediate requirement for comprehensive upgrades. Neglecting to enhance the grid infrastructure could lead to a higher frequency of power outages, system breakdowns, and insufficient capacity to meet contemporary electricity demands. Vivax-Metrotech’s Utility Locators play a pivotal role in facilitating the replacement, repair, and expansion of the grid, ensuring a more secure and dependable electrical framework.

The Grid of the Future

The Department of Energy’s strategic vision for the electric infrastructure in the United States is centered around the innovative concept known as the “Smart Grid.” This forward-thinking approach harnesses advanced digital technologies and sophisticated sensors to elevate the level of connectivity and responsiveness between electricity producers and consumers. By implementing smart-grid systems, which allow for the real-time monitoring of energy demand and supply, the efficiency of energy consumption can be optimized, while also facilitating the seamless integration of renewable energy sources into the grid network. Furthermore, the integration of microgrids, which are localized electricity networks equipped with diverse distributed energy resources, serves to bolster the resilience and dependability of the overall grid infrastructure. In this context, the utilization of Vivax-Metrotech’s Utility Locators emerges as a pivotal component in the deployment of new power lines and essential infrastructure that are fundamental in the realization of a more intelligent and robust grid system.

Utility Locators from Vivax-Metrotech 

Accidental utility damage presents significant risks and costs to infrastructure projects, with over 450,000 utility strikes occurring annually in the United States. Preventing such incidents is crucial for project success. Vivax-Metrotech’s Utility Locators play a pivotal role in mitigating these risks within grid rehabilitation projects. These advanced locators accurately identify buried utilities, effectively preventing costly damages. By offering innovative and high-performance locating solutions, Vivax-Metrotech empowers contractors to execute their work safely and efficiently. This not only minimizes project delays but also reduces expenses associated with utility strikes, ensuring a smooth and cost-effective project execution.


Enhancing the safety, reliability, and efficiency of the U.S. electric grid through updates is crucial for modernizing our infrastructure. Vivax-Metrotech’s Utility Locators play a vital role in this process by providing essential tools that ensure precise and efficient identification of buried utilities. This, in turn, significantly reduces the likelihood of accidental damage, ultimately contributing to the establishment of a more intelligent and robust grid system. As a company deeply invested in infrastructure advancement, Haaker Underground is dedicated to partnering with innovative industry leaders like Vivax-Metrotech to drive progress in infrastructure safety and efficiency.¬† If you’re ready to revolutionize how you handle your infrastructure challenges, contact Haaker Underground at (909) 598-2706 or message us directly. Let’s work together to build a safer and more sustainable future.