Gas detection equipment

Underground Excavation Safety Matters

In the high-risk world of underground excavation, safety is everything. One often underestimated but critical factor contributing to this safety is effective gas detection. With hazardous gases often present in excavation sites, reliable gas detection equipment is essential to ensure the well-being of your workers and the success of your project. That’s where RKI Gas...
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Keep Workers Safe with RKI Gas Detection Equipment in Phoenix

At Haaker Underground, we understand the importance of gas detection equipment in the wastewater treatment industry. Gas detectors play a crucial role in ensuring the safety of workers and the surrounding environment, especially in confined spaces such as wastewater treatment plants. That’s why we are proud to partner with RKI Gas Detection to provide our...
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5 Reasons Why Gas Detection Equipment is Essential for Construction Jobs

The construction industry is a high-risk environment where the safety of workers is of utmost importance. One of the hazards that workers face in this industry is the presence of toxic gases and fumes, which can be lethal if not detected early. That is why gas detection equipment is a must-have tool for every construction...
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Choosing the Right Gas Detection Equipment for Your Application

For over 80 years, RKI Instruments has been at the forefront of sensor technology, developing advanced detection techniques to provide solutions for specific applications. As a result, RKI provides reliable, rugged gas detection equipment. Through ingenuity and years of industry experience, RKI has developed a unique line of gas detection interments and accessories, and we...
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Single Gas vs. Multi-Gas Detectors: Which is best for your industry?

Many industries require reliable gas detection, but choosing the right detector is important when it comes to keeping your workers and community safe. Single gas detectors monitor one gas in particular, like carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide or ammonia. Our multi-gas detectors from RKI Instruments can detect up to six gases simultaneously. So which is best...
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Common Gas Monitoring Pitfalls to Avoid

Nothing is more important for safety than monitoring for toxic and explosive gases, but many workers in manufacturing facilities do not know the best practices that keep everyone safe. Toxic and explosive gases can quickly leak from failed equipment or gas lines and collect in confined spaces. Unless they are detected, the results of trapped...
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