Single Gas vs. Multi-Gas Detectors: Which is best for your industry?

Many industries require reliable gas detection, but choosing the right detector is important when it comes to keeping your workers and community safe. Single gas detectors monitor one gas in particular, like carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide or ammonia. Our multi-gas detectors from RKI Instruments can detect up to six gases simultaneously. So which is best for your industry?

There’s a ton of crossover when thinking about which type of gas detection equipment is best for a given industry or project. For example, hazmat services can use either type, and most hazmat pros have a good understanding of which monitor is best for a particular call. In refinery plants and industries like woodworking or painting, a single gas detector may suffice simply because facility operators and workers are familiar with any types of potential toxins they may need to monitor.

Other industries that may benefit from choosing single gas detectors include mining, wastewater treatment, fumigation, chemical plants, laboratories, heat treatment operations and petrochemical refineries.


Multi-Gas Detectors for Construction Projects and Investigative Situations

In larger-scale construction projects, we highly recommend multi-gas detectors because you may not know exactly what is lying underneath a building. In investigative situations like landfill monitoring, a multi-gas detector makes sense because a range of toxins may be present.

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