Safe Digging Technology for Every Industry with TRUVAC Vacuum Excavators

Safe-digging technology is essential for every industry, whether you work in construction, transportation, engineering or mining. Our TRUVAC hydrovac trucks increase both productivity and safety. Keep reading to learn how.


Our TRUVAC trucks are ideal for cable installation, replacing utility pole holes, gas distribution construction, cleaning submersible transformers and more. They are also the ideal machines for locating and digging safely around buried utilities.


Whether you need a truck for fly ash removal, tower cleaning, vessel removal, utility verification, cable installation or thawing frozen conduits and lines, we’ve got you covered.

Railways and Transportation

Our TRUVAC hydrovac trucks for sale boost safety, increase productivity and cut expenses. These trucks are perfect for repairing and maintaining bridges, rail yards and other transportation structures.


We know that safety is essential in the construction industry, and our hydrovac trucks help your team work safely. Our TRUVAC trucks deliver optimum performance in the most congested work sites and are perfect for daylighting, debris removal, trenching and potholing.


Our hydrovac trucks are ideal for piling and test holes, digging safely around buried infrastructure, daylighting, trenching and debris removal. Guaranteed to perform in even the most rugged varied soil conditions!


The superior solution for sump clean-outs and de-watering, our TRUVAC vacuum excavator trucks are also perfect for conveyor system clean-outs, storm drain cleaning, mining equipment cleaning and excavation in hard-to-reach sites.

To learn more about our TRUVAC hydro vacuum excavation trucks and how they can boost productivity at your work site, contact us today to schedule your free demo!