Popularity of Hydro Vacuum Excavators Rising in the Construction Industry

When it comes to hydro vacuum excavators, new machines and new innovations are giving rise to greater acceptance in the construction industry. These trucks break up soil by blasting high pressure water through pipes into the ground. After the soil becomes loose, a powerful vacuum system sucks it into a debris tank.

In the past, construction firms used vacuum excavators most often for potholing purposes (removing soil from underground utilities, like pipes and buried cables). Today, applications for vacuum excavators in the construction field have expanded to include foundation excavation, slot-trenching and more. The versatility of our vacuum excavators makes them well-suited to enhance safety and productivity in nearly any application.

Dump trucks, dozers, excavators and hoes commonly made up construction fleets in the past, but many are now adding vacuum excavators to safely locate underground utilities.

Vacuum Excavators Reduce Risk of Striking Underground Utilities

Our line of vacuum excavator trucks are non-destructive, non-mechanical and minimally disruptive. They allow you to precisely locate underground utilities and reduce the risk of harm to people on your team and in your community. They also protect infrastructure, can identify unmarked buried infrastructure and increase productivity in tolerance zones.

TRUVAC Vacuum Excavators for the Construction Industry

Our line of TRUVAC vacuum excavators combine powerful vacuums with the latest in hydro excavation technology. Schedule your free demo today of the Paradigm, the most innovative sub-compact hydro vac truck on the market, the versatile yet compact Prodigy, or the full-sized HXX for the biggest and toughest jobs.

TRUVAC and Haaker are dedicated to advanced, safe-digging technology, to superior productivity and to better performance. That’s what we were founded on, and it’s what we deliver to you in every piece of TRUVAC equipment.