Need to dig narrow trenches to install cables, signs, pipes, posts or other underground utilities? Hydroexcavation is the best technique for accurate, precise slot trenching.

Risks of Conventional Methods

Traditional slot trenching methods were time-consuming and dangerous. Doing the work manually is extremely hard and poses serious safety risks. Conventional methods also failed at digging precise narrow-enough trenches, requiring backfilling that increased the costs of material and labors.

Conventional slot trenching methods also carry an increased risk of removing too much dirt or damaging pipes and other underground utilities.

Hydro Vac Trucks: A Safer Alternative for Slot Trenching

Using our hydrovac trucks for slot trenching eliminates these issues and reduces the risks on the job. These trucks are capable of digging very narrow, very precise trenches that need a minimal amount of backfilling. This lets you do the job faster and more accurately than ever before.

Hydro excavation trucks are cost-effective too. If you’ve ever used hand-digging for a project, you know that it is slow and labor-intensive. It also puts your crew at a greater risk and makes it more likely that you’ll damage an underground utility line. When you choose to use a hydro excavation truck, you save time and reduce the risk of damage and injuries.

This accurate, non-mechanical method of digging is less labor intensive for slot trenching than conventional methods and is safer and more efficient.

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