hydrovac trucks

Slot Trenching with Hydrovac Trucks

Need to dig narrow trenches to install cables, signs, pipes, posts or other underground utilities? Hydroexcavation is the best technique for accurate, precise slot trenching. Risks of Conventional Methods Traditional slot trenching methods were time-consuming and dangerous. Doing the work manually is extremely hard and poses serious safety risks. Conventional methods also failed at digging...
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Dig Smart with TRUVAC’s HXX Hydrovac Truck

Digging smart means using equipment that doesn’t just get the job done faster, but gets it done safer as well. With greater dependability and precision, the TRUVAC HXX hydrovac truck helps you dig smart.  The full-sized HXX was developed by TRUVAC’s team from the ground up and is the result of years of research, input...
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Hydrovac Excavation FAQs, Answered

Hydrovac excavation has become an increasingly popular method since it first was used in Canada, where frozen soil and cold weather made using traditional tools and methods for digging ineffective. Since then, people all over the world have chosen hydrovac trucks for their increased safety and efficiency. What’s the difference between a hydro excavation truck...
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