Digging smart means using equipment that doesn’t just get the job done faster, but gets it done safer as well. With greater dependability and precision, the TRUVAC HXX hydrovac truck helps you dig smart. 

The full-sized HXX was developed by TRUVAC’s team from the ground up and is the result of years of research, input from customers and extensive testing. No job is too large or tough for the HXX to tackle. 

The HXX meets all mid-sized and full-sized excavation needs, boosts job site productivity and can power jack hammers, tampers and other tools while also towing mini-excavators, job supply trailers or HDD drills. 

HXX Vacuum Excavation Truck Features  

Quick set up boom: 6” vacuum system with extendable boom with powered raise/lower and stowed with dig horse attached for quick setup and tear down. 

Storage options: The HXX’s wide variety of optional, lockable storage cabinets provide room for job-specific tool storage, reducing the need for support trucks. 

Control box with DigRight technology: This patented technology is standard on the HXX and allows you to select a maximum operating water pressure to control maximum water flow output with the push of a button. DigRight prevents pressure from exceeding site or industry requirements, making digging safer. It also prevents wear and tear on the check, unloader and relief valves by avoiding passing water and saves fuel and money by eliminating wasted energy. 

Water system: The hydraulically-operated triplex piston water pump system is designed rated at 10 GPM @ 2500psi. Easily adjust the water pressure with the push of a button from the wireless remote! 

50-degree dump angle: For easy offloading with the electric vibrator and rear door splash shield. 

HXX Vacuum Excavation Trucks Increase Safety  

The TRUVAC HXX vacuum excavation truck is the ideal safe-digging machine because it allows the operator to safely and precisely visually locate underground utilities. Using the HXX and calling 811 before you dig are the best ways to prevent accidents and protect your community when digging around underground utilities. 

To learn more about the TRUVAC HXX vacuum excavation truck and see it in action for yourself, contact Haaker Underground today to schedule your FREE demo!