vacuum excavation truck

The Growing Popularity of Vacuum Excavation

In the last 15 years, vacuum excavation equipment has experienced a remarkable surge in popularity, transforming traditional excavation practices across diverse industries. Fueled by its non-destructive nature, cost-effectiveness, and environmental friendliness, this method has become a cornerstone in modern construction and infrastructure development. Let’s get into the details of vacuum excavation, examining its applications, advantages,...
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Dig Smart with TRUVAC’s HXX Hydrovac Truck

Digging smart means using equipment that doesn’t just get the job done faster, but gets it done safer as well. With greater dependability and precision, the TRUVAC HXX hydrovac truck helps you dig smart.  The full-sized HXX was developed by TRUVAC’s team from the ground up and is the result of years of research, input...
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TRUVAC HXX Rental Vacuum Excavation Truck Keeps Communities Safe

TRUVAC’s HXX rental vacuum excavation truck meets all mid-sized and full-sized excavation needs, boosts job site productivity and can power jack hammers, tampers and other tools while also towing mini-excavators, job supply trailers or HDD drills.  It’s also the ideal safe-digging machine that protects your team and community at worksites.  Striking underground utilities poses a...
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