Hydrovac excavation has become an increasingly popular method since it first was used in Canada, where frozen soil and cold weather made using traditional tools and methods for digging ineffective. Since then, people all over the world have chosen hydrovac trucks for their increased safety and efficiency.

What’s the difference between a hydro excavation truck and a hydrovac truck?

There isn’t one! Hydrovac is just a commonly-used term for hydro excavation trucks.

What exactly is a hydro excavation truck?

Hydro excavation trucks rely on high-pressure water to liquefy and cut soil while also using a high-volume vacuum to remove it from the excavation area. Both the soil and fresh water are contained in truck-mounted units.

How are hydrovac trucks commonly used?

Hydrovac trucks are appropriate for a variety of applications, including debris removal, cold-weather digging, soil trenching, piling hole excavation and daylighting.

What are the different types of hydrovac trucks?

Our inventory includes many different models of hydrovac trucks from Truvac and Pacific Tek. These models have varying levels of capacity, water pressure and vacuuming capabilities. We are happy to help you choose the best one for your needs – just contact us today to start the conversation!

What are the advantages of hydro excavation trucks?

Hydro excavation trucks are safer and more efficient than traditional digging methods. 75% of damages in the utility industry stem from shovel strikes, and hydrovac trucks are a safer method for exposing underground utilities. This equipment allows you to dig around gas mains, existing utilities, power lines and more without damaging infrastructure and at a lower risk of harm to the workers at your site.

What should I consider when choosing a hydrovac truck?

We can help you chose the right hydrovac truck for your needs. Contact us today and we’ll discuss numerous factors, including your ground conditions, depth of excavation, dump locations and more. Best of all, we can schedule a free demo so you can see our hydrovac trucks in action before you buy!