In the last ten years, one piece of equipment has become more and more common on oil and gas pipeline job sites: vacuum excavators. Traditionally used to uncover underground infrastructure, these trucks rely on air or water to efficiently and safely remove dirt without the risk of damaging underground pipes. 

When hydraulic fracturing led to the oil and gas boom of 2010, vacuum excavators became increasingly relied-upon in the industry. These trucks safely install new pipelines without harming the maze of existing underground pipelines. Soon, vacuum excavation’s success across Canada reached the United States, and their use is moving southward quickly. 

Versatility of Hydrovac Trucks in the Oil and Gas Industry

Worksites often sit on miles of underground utilities and pipelines that have been buried for decades. Traditional methods of digging carry increased risk of disaster, but hydrovac trucks allow companies to install new pipelines without damaging these underground elements. Vacuum excavation trucks have typically been used to find utilities before a hoe or direction drill is employed, and they can slot stretch across pipelines quickly to verify that no infrastructure is buried. This equipment can also be used to remove drill-bore mud created during directional drilling work. 

The success of using hydrovac trucks in the oil and gas industry underscores the versatility of these machines. Exposing buried pipelines is only part of the story — vacuum excavation trucks can also be used to hydro-test new pipelines, clean up and contain spills, test pressure and allow for easier repair and maintenance of underground infrastructure. 

Choosing the Right Hydrovac Truck 

Finding the right machine for the job can be challenging, as vacuum excavators range from small trailer units to powerful large trucks. We know customers want a broad range of capabilities, including boom reach, carrying capacities, axle capacities, vehicle sizes and a range of operating flows and pressures. Our inventory of Truvac and Pacific Tek hydrovac equipment has a machine for every project, and we are happy to connect you with the right hydrovac truck for your needs. 

We’ll walk you through the different options for transportation, including hydrovac support trucks and trailer vacs. We’ll also recommend the best method for cutting soil at your worksite, which could be using air, water or a combination of both. Before making a recommendation, we’ll also consider the community in which you are working. Urban areas, for example, may have weight regulations or smaller working-area sizes that require more compact machinery. 

Buying vs. Renting Hydrovac Trucks

Our team can also help you navigate the decision of whether to rent or buy. We know the future is uncertain for many of our customers and can connect you with the equipment you need now without a long-term commitment. We can help put you to work now without worrying about your future workload. 

In short, we’re committed to helping you choose the best hydrovac truck for your needs. Start the process by contacting us today!