What exactly is hydro-vacuuming?

Our hydrovac trucks for sale cut soil using high pressure water. They remove the soil using powerful vacuums, sort the soil in truck tanks and then allow for convenient disposable at a designated area.

Where is hydro-vacuuming done?

Hydrovac trucks are great alternatives to mechanical excavation in tight areas and worksites that include underground utilities. They are a safer alternative that reduces potential damage to electric, gas and utility lines while getting the job done quickly and efficiently.

What makes hydrovac trucks safer around underground utilities?

Combining vacuum trucks and high-pressure water, these trucks allow you to remove soil around buried utility lines safely and precisely. Our non-mechanical, non-destructive, minimally disruptive and precise TRUVAC vacuum excavators allow you to safely and easily visually locate underground utilities.

Is hydro excavation good for remote areas?

Yes! The truck can remain away from the actual site to reduce damages and congestion. The pressurized water of hydro excavation is strong enough to break through frozen ground and dig easily in areas inaccessible by more traditional equipment. The pressure applies is also more accurate and precise than conventional methods, and hydro vacuum excavation is nondestructive. This makes it the ideal choice for safe remote digging.

Is hydro excavation cost-effective?

If you’ve ever used hand-digging for a project, you know that it is slow and labor-intensive. It also puts your crew at a greater risk and makes it more likely that you’ll damage an underground utility line. When you choose to use a hydro excavation truck, you save time and reduce the risk of damage and injuries.

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