Decrease Risk of Digging Near Underground Utilities with TRUVAC HXX Hydrovac Truck

By the time you finish reading this blog post, there’s a strong chance that an underground utility line was damaged somewhere in the United States. 

It happens every is minutes, and there are more than 20 million miles of buried utilities stretching across the country. It’s hard to wrap our heads around a number that big — that’s more than an entire football field’s length of underground utilities for every man, woman and child who calls the US home. 

These lines are essential for keeping our communities powered, safe and connected. When they are damaged, our gas, electricity, sewer and water systems are at risk, and the outcome can be deadly. 

There are two primary ways to avoid damaging underground utilities: calling 811 before you dig and using a TRUVAC hydrovac truck like the HXX. 

Prevent Damages by Calling 811

Before you dig, notify your local one-call center by calling 811. You can also make an online request two to three days before beginning work. The call center will ask you questions about your work and transmit that information to affected utility operators in your area. 

Next, those utility operators will respond to your request and accurately locate utility lines at your worksite. 

Respect the marks they provide — they will serve as your guide for the duration of your project. 

Use a TRUVAC Hydrovac Truck to Dig Precisely  

The next step is to use a TRUVAC hydrovac truck, like the HXX, to dig carefully. The HXX further reduces your risk of striking and damaging an underground utility line by allowing you to safely and accurately visually locate underground utilities. 

If you’re interested in seeing the HXX in action, contact Haaker Underground today to schedule your free demo!