Sonetics Wireless Headsets

Clear Communications for Public Workers

Clear communication is necessary in any industry, but it is particularly important in public works. Clear communications are possible with Sonetics Wireless Headsets from Haaker Underground. With these headsets, your team can communicate instantly, eliminating shouting or shutting down equipment to talk with your crew. These are a great way to communicate and protect your...
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Sonetics Wireless Headsets Increase Safety, Communication

Hazardous noise, downtime costs and reduced labor can hurt your bottom line, but improving communication at your worksite can boost productivity and reduce downtime. Sonetics wireless headsetsĀ help your team communicate hands-free in real time without shutting down equipment or stopping work. They are the solution to some of the most common issues that cause accidents,...
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How It Works: Sonetics Noise Cancelling Headsets

Over the last three decades, noise cancelling headsets have evolved tremendously and today provide many advantages for workers who need to communicate clearly in loud spaces. This remarkable technology restores the ability to hold a natural conversation in any environment, eliminating distracting sounds, making voices easier to hear and improving overall communications and understanding. A...
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Rugged and Safe Communications with Sonetics Headsets

Wireless team systems are simply powerful. With Sonetics team wireless systems, pushing the power button is as complicated as it gets. The only thing you’ll notice is advanced hearing protection, clear audio and the most secure communications possible. All that’s left for you to do is get the job done. Full-Duplex Communication Hands-free use for...
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