Over the last three decades, noise cancelling headsets have evolved tremendously and today provide many advantages for workers who need to communicate clearly in loud spaces. This remarkable technology restores the ability to hold a natural conversation in any environment, eliminating distracting sounds, making voices easier to hear and improving overall communications and understanding.

A Quick Primer on Noise Cancellation Technology

Sound travels in waves. When an incoming sound waves hits the mic on your noise-cancelling Sonetics headset, the electronics inside generate an opposing wave. This wave is broadcasted into your headset at the same moment the outside sound wave arrives. When the outside wave and the opposing wave meet, the sound is cancelled.

Called active noise reduction, this technology shines when reducing low-frequency, constant sounds, like traffic or engine noise. It is less effective at eliminating sounds at higher frequencies, like a hissing sprayer. Sonetics combines noise cancelling technology with noise reduction earmuffs that are better at eliminating higher frequencies. The result? The perfect noise-cancelling headset.

Key Advantages

Noise-cancelling headsets offer a number of key advantages:

Effective communication: Without interference from outside sounds, messages can be clearly heard the first time and understanding improves.

Decreased downtime: When you can have real-time conversations and communication, downtime is reduced because you don’t have to shut down equipment or quit working just to talk with your team.

Increased productivity: Solid communication keeps work flowing efficiently and safely. No more wasting time repeating instructions!

Improved safety: Personal hearing protection plus effective team communications means enhanced safety.

Sonetics wireless headsets go even further with features like full-duplex communication, listen-through technology and auto-leveling microphones. To learn more and see them in action for yourself, contact us today!