Wireless team systems are simply powerful.
With Sonetics team wireless systems, pushing the power button is as complicated as it gets. The only thing you’ll notice is advanced hearing protection, clear audio and the most secure communications possible. All that’s left for you to do is get the job done.

Full-Duplex Communication

Hands-free use for convenient access, paired with superior voice quality. You understand exactly what you’re hearing without static or outside noise. Your communications are encrypted and completely secure, and no radio or licenses are required.

Innovative Listen-Through Technology

Sonetics wireless headsets allow you to mix in outside sound for improved situational awareness. Without removing your hearing protection, you can hear important sounds like traffic noise, alarms and warnings. Sudden loud noises are automatically suppressed so there will be no surprises.

Site-Covering Range

The impressive 1,600-feet range of Sonetics wireless systems makes them perfect for jobs both large and small. Need to go even further? Simply connect to your portable radio!

Connect Your Cell Phone

Listen to music, take important phone calls or easily hear turn-by-turn directions when you connect your cell phone to your headset. Everything remains private because your team won’t be able to hear your Bluetooth audio.

Rugged and Tested

Built to withstand the most extreme environments, Sonetics team wireless systems are totally dustproof, watertight, and ready to perform in the same challenging conditions you face every day.