The most innovative and non-CDL sub-compact hydrovac truck available today, TRUVAC’s Paradigm is designed to exceed the strictest safe-digging requirements. This customer-inspired hydro excavation truck allows you to excavate safely and efficiently around underground utilities.

TRUVAC hydrovac truck for sale

Hydrovac Truck Applications

The Paradigm hydrovac truck can safely excavate around utilities with air or water, power pneumatic, electrical or hydraulic tools, vacuum, contain and dispose of drill mud and provide transport and storage of tools and equipment.

Paradigm Hydrovac Truck Features

Quick Set Up Boom: 6” vacuum system with extendable boom with powered raise and lower and stowed with dig hose attached for fast setup and tear down.

Park-N-Dig: This design significantly cuts down on the time it takes to setup and tear down between excavated holes, boosting productivity. The quick boom setup and easy controls minimize the time between arriving at a work site and beginning excavation.

Tool Box Storage: Reduce the need for support trucks with the wide variety of optional, lockable storage cabinets. There is plenty of room for job-specific tools!

Customizable Billboard: Your truck can become a billboard! TRUVAC will even help with design work if needed.

Hydraulic Controls: The simple electric over hydraulic function controls are conveniently located. Control all boom functions via the optional corded pendant or standard wireless remote.

Water Heater, Pump and Cabinet: For year round digging in any conditions, choose the optional 175,000 BTU water heater. Heated water makes it easier to dig in frozen conditions and in tough soil conditions like clay. Heated water also makes cleaning grease and other materials a breeze.

TRUVAC hydrovac truck for sale

Optional DigRight Technology

This hydrovac truck for sale can be optioned to include DigRight Technology. This patent-pending technology lets you select three pre-set max water pressure settings that limit the water pressure output of pumps based on your worksite or industry recommendations.

The default settings of 1500 psi, 2000 psi and 2500 psi guarantee that you won’t exceed the pressure mandate that protects underground infrastructure. These pre-set pressures may be easily customized according to your needs.

This technological advance also cuts wear and tear on the water system by automatically adjusting the pump’s output to match your nozzle. This significantly extends the life of your check valve and unloader valve.

hydrovac truck for safe digging

Safe, Efficient Excavation Around Underground Utilities 

Every six minutes, an underground utility line is damaged in the United States. The result can be communities without power or water, gas explosions and even loss of life. 

The TRUVAC Paradigm is the perfect safe-digging machine because it lets you safely and precisely visually locate underground utilities. It’s built to satisfy even the most stringent safe-digging requirements. Using the Paradigm and calling 811 before you dig are the best ways to prevent accidents and keep your community safe. 

To learn more about the TRUVAC Paradigm hydrovac truck and see it in action for yourself, contact Haaker Underground today to schedule your FREE demo!