Clear communication is necessary in any industry, but it is particularly important in public works. Clear communications are possible with Sonetics Wireless Headsets from Haaker Underground. With these headsets, your team can communicate instantly, eliminating shouting or shutting down equipment to talk with your crew. These are a great way to communicate and protect your hearing without interrupting the important work you do. 

Advanced Sonetics Technology 

Full-Duplex Communication: Hands-free simultaneous two-conversation is easy with these headsets. You can easily work and talk at the same time with your whole team. 

Improve Results: No more communication breakdowns! Talk and collaborate in real time, reducing costly and dangerous mistakes. 

Listen-Through Technology: This incredible tech lets you mix outside sound and intercom sounds together, giving you the right combination of safety and awareness. 

Site-Covering Range: Sonetics headsets offer a flexible range of up to 1,600 feet. If you need more coverage, just connect your existing radio! With that combination, you can go up to two miles. 

Instant Hazard Warnings 

When danger strikes, Sonetics headsets let you warn your crew instantly. While two-way radios cannot be interrupted when a warning is necessary, Sonetics headsets let your whole crew talk in two-way, real-time conversation. This means you can quickly interrupt when necessary to give important warnings, updates or instructions. 

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