NEW! TRUVAC FLXX Hydrovac Truck in Los Angeles

We are proud to present the next great innovation in midsize hydrovac excavation trucks: the TRUVAC FLXX. This flexible hydrovac excavation truck in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, San Diego and Phoenix at Haaker Underground combines productivity, performance and max payload in a smaller, more maneuverable package. This machine is perfect for a wide variety of...
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Hydro Vac Systems Play Important Role in Coronavirus Response

As coronavirus cases continue to rise at alarming rates across the country, we are reminded of the importance of professional cleaning and sanitizing of our communities and the role our equipment plays in keeping our neighborhoods safe. Our TRUVAC hydro vac systems can be an essential part of your city’s coronavirus response. Our fleet of...
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Safer Digging with TRUVAC Excavation Trucks

When it comes to innovation, quality engineering and reliable performance, no other vacuum excavators come close to TRUVAC. These premium vacuum excavator trucks are specifically designed to satisfy the safe-digging requirements of organizations or businesses that locate and verify underground utility lines and pipes, meeting the most demanding excavation needs. TRUVAC Paradigm Tough, powerful and...
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