Safer Digging with TRUVAC Excavation Trucks

When it comes to innovation, quality engineering and reliable performance, no other vacuum excavators come close to TRUVAC. These premium vacuum excavator trucks are specifically designed to satisfy the safe-digging requirements of organizations or businesses that locate and verify underground utility lines and pipes, meeting the most demanding excavation needs.

TRUVAC Paradigm

Tough, powerful and ultra-productive, the TRUVAC Paradigm is the most versatile and innovative sub-compact vacuum excavator on the market today. This machine enables you to excavate around buried utilities with the highest degree of safety, certainty and efficiency.

TRUVAC Prodigy

The TRUVAC Prodigy is what happens when you pair compact design with incredible versatility. The result? The perfect safe-digging machine for a wide range of demanding applications, lower operating costs and overwhelming productivity.


This full-sized beast was developed after years of customer input, research and testing. With this equipment, no job is too tough or too big to handle.

Safer Digging with TRUVAC

A utility line is struck every six minutes in the United States, with consequences ranging from utility disruptions to severe injuries. That’s why safe digging is so important. Taking the right steps before you dig and choosing the right equipment helps minimize risks and damages.

Simply put, digging safe means vacuum excavating.

Using a shovel or heavy machinery like backhoes can easily uproot more than just dirt. Vacuum excavating, in contrast, is non-destructive – these machines loosen soil using compressed air or pressurized water before vacuuming it out of the way into a debris tank. This simple, efficient method of excavation is safer because no mechanical parts ever come into contact with exposed utilities.

In addition to being safer, vacuum excavators are more cost-effective than other types of digging. You’ll also face substantially less repair work due to the extreme precision of TRUVAC hydrovac trucks.

TRUVAC was created for safe digging. It’s why their trucks feature exclusive details like DigRight patented technology that lets you control water pressure with the touch of a button. These units also feature exclusive water shut-offs that automatically stop water flow if you lose control of the lance.

These are just some of the things that make TRUVAC the best when it comes to safe, efficient digging. Learn more about the Prodigy, Paradigm and HXX by scheduling your free demo today!