We are proud to present the next great innovation in midsize hydrovac excavation trucks: the TRUVAC FLXX. This flexible hydrovac excavation truck in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, San Diego and Phoenix at Haaker Underground combines productivity, performance and max payload in a smaller, more maneuverable package. This machine is perfect for a wide variety of applications that don’t demand a full-size truck.

FLXX hydrovac excavation truck

FLXX Hydrovac Truck Specs

Boom: 6” vacuum system, 22’ boom reach, 340-degree rotation
Debris Body: 10 yd3, 50-degree tilting
Water System: 10 gym at 3000 psi water pump with DigRight technology
Chassis: Class 8
Vacuum System: Positive displacement hydrostatic-driven blower rated at 16” HG and 3200 CFM

When it comes to innovation, quality engineering and reliable performance, no other vacuum excavators come close to TRUVAC. These premium vacuum excavator trucks are specifically designed to satisfy the safe-digging requirements of organizations or businesses that locate and verify underground utility lines and pipes, meeting the most demanding excavation needs.

Like with all TRUVAC trucks, safety is key with the FLXX: Vacuum excavation with the FLXX causes minimal soil disruption. Holes are easy to patch by returning the dirt when air excavating, and this simple process allows you to confirm the location, type and depth of buried lines before you begin your construction project.

Interested in learning more and seeing the FLXX in action? Click here to schedule your free in-person demo with Haaker Underground in Los Angeles, San Diego, Phoenix or Las Vegas!