Hydro excavation is hands-down the safest way to reach underground utilities. Using pressurized water, vacuums and wands, our hydrovac excavation trucks allow crews to complete tasks without disturbing nearby surfaces, making your worksite and surrounding community safer. Following these tips can further reduce the changes of injuries or accidents on site:

Use the Right Safety Equipment

All hydro excavation jobs require proper safety gear. No employee should ever be near a powered wand without it! Safety gear is your first line of defense and should include eye protection, ear plugs or Sonetics wireless headsets, hard hats, gloves, steel-toed boots, face masks and long-sleeved clothing.

The HXX Hydro Excavation Truck is the result of years of vacuum excavation research, customer input, testing and industry experience. Created by Vactor® Manufacturing, Incorporated, no job is too big or too tough for these vacuum excavators to tackle.

Focus on Training

All hydrovac excavation trucks are different, and your crew should receive training for your specific unit before work begins. Talk about setting up the equipment properly and choosing the right nozzle for the job at hand.

Whether you are renting a unit or purchasing through Haaker Underground, we are happy to walk you through the best practices for your particular piece of equipment. We’ll talk about the best ways to streamline your efforts with fewer safety risks, talk about the best water pressure settings and familiarize your team with emergency shut-off functions.

Know Your Environment

Always, always call 811 before you dig to locate underground utilities. This important step goes a long way toward ensuring the safety of your crew.

Follow Manufacturer’s Instructions

Finally, get familiar with your owner’s manual! Know the guidelines for pressure settings for your particular unit. Always choose the smallest nozzle suitable for your project, only point nozzles toward soil when conducting excavation procedures and keep a distance of approximately 8 inches between the ground and your nozzle while spraying.

If you operate out of Las Vegas, Los Angeles, San Diego or Phoenix, Haaker Underground is your source for the best hydro excavation equipment. We also have rental offerings and used vehicles that fit in your budget. Want to learn more? Contact us today to speak to a hydrovac excavation specialist!