The Best TRUVAC Trucks for Every Industry

Whether you’re building bridges or laying utility lines, having the right equipment is crucial. Haaker Underground, in collaboration with TRUVAC, is committed to providing top-tier safe-digging technology to bolster your productivity and performance. Let’s delve into the unique ways our hydrovac trucks serve various industries:

TRUVAC FLXX hydrovac excavation truck

Engineering: Precision in Every Dig

In engineering projects, precision and safety are paramount. Our hydrovac trucks rise to the challenge, ideal for digging safely around buried infrastructure, daylighting, trenching, and removing debris. They shine in creating piling and test holes and thrive even in rugged, varied soil conditions. With TRUVAC, you’re always assured of precision performance.

Industrial: Diverse Solutions, Superior Service

Industrial needs are diverse, and so are our solutions. TRUVAC trucks handle everything from fly ash removal and tower cleaning to utility verification and cable installation. Need to thaw frozen conduits and lines? We’ve got your back.

Construction: Building Safely and Efficiently

Safety isn’t just crucial in the construction industry; it’s a standard. TRUVAC trucks help you meet and exceed that standard. Perfect for daylighting, debris removal, trenching, and potholing, our trucks perform optimally even in the most crowded work sites.

Transportation: Optimizing Railways and Beyond

Repairing bridges or maintaining rail yards? TRUVAC hydrovac trucks are the right tool for the job. They boost safety, ramp up productivity, and trim expenses, proving indispensable for transportation infrastructure.

Mining: Digging Deep, Staying Safe

When it comes to mining operations, TRUVAC trucks are the ultimate solution. They are perfect for sump clean-outs, de-watering, conveyor system clean-outs, storm drain cleaning, and excavation in hard-to-reach sites. They empower your team to work safely and efficiently, even in challenging conditions.

Utilities: Essential Support for Crucial Services

From cable installation to replacing utility pole holes, TRUVAC trucks are essential in the utilities sector. They are especially adept at locating and digging safely around buried utilities, preventing unnecessary accidents and disruptions.

Boost Your Productivity with the Best TRUVAC Trucks

No matter the industry, the best TRUVAC trucks offer an edge in safety and productivity. We’re here to help you find the perfect fit for your unique needs. Contact us today to learn more about our lineup and to schedule your free demo. With TRUVAC, you’re investing in the best safe-digging technology, boosting your performance, and ultimately driving your success.