Discover Your Perfect Fit: Which TRUVAC Vacuum Excavation Truck is Right for You?

When you’re in the business of excavation, your equipment makes all the difference. And TRUVAC’s line of vacuum excavation trucks is designed to deliver unparalleled performance and safety. In this post, we’ll highlight three standout models: the Paradigm, the FLXX, and the HXX. So, let’s dive in and see which TRUVAC truck will be your perfect match!

The Paradigm: Compact Powerhouse

The TRUVAC Paradigm is like the Swiss army knife of vacuum excavation trucks. Compact enough to navigate city streets, yet powerful enough to handle serious excavation jobs, the Paradigm is all about flexibility. Its air and hydro excavation capabilities allow it to tackle different soil conditions, while its remote hose option helps you reach tricky areas.

But don’t let its size fool you. The Paradigm is a productivity champ, equipped with a heated and enclosed cabin to keep operations going even in freezing conditions. And with safety features like the patented TRUVAC DigRight technology, you can adjust the water pressure according to the job at hand, preventing over-digging and unnecessary utility strikes.

The FLXX: Going the Extra Mile

Next up, the TRUVAC FLXX is a beast when it comes to debris removal. Its most distinctive feature is the super-sized debris body that can handle up to 16 cubic yards of material. That means you’ll be making fewer trips to offload debris and spending more time getting the job done.

The FLXX also sports multiple blower options, from 3800 CFM up to a whopping 6200 CFM. This gives you the power to adjust the vacuum strength according to your needs. Plus, with TRUVAC’s DigRight® technology, you can choose the perfect water pressure for your excavation tasks. And, like the Paradigm, the FLXX’s versatility extends to both air and hydro excavation, ensuring you’re equipped for all soil conditions.

The HXX: Jack of All Trades

For those needing a truck that does it all, meet the TRUVAC HXX. Offering maximum versatility, the HXX comes in two debris body sizes and numerous axle configurations. It’s like the Goldilocks of excavation trucks, ready to meet all your mid-sized and full-sized excavation needs.

With a wide range of vacuum system choices, multiple excavation options, and maximum storage, the HXX is all about adapting to your job site’s demands. Need to power jack hammers, tampers, or other tools? No problem. Want to tow mini-excavators, HDD drills, or job supply trailers? The HXX has got you covered.

The HXX’s boom boasts a 22-foot reach and 320-degree rotation, which means you have unprecedented access to your worksite. The 50-degree tilting debris body options – 12 yd3 or 15 yd3 – along with multiple water system options, ensure you have the right configuration for every job. And, like all TRUVAC trucks, the HXX also includes DigRight technology for optimized water pressure control.

Take Your Pick!

Whether you lean towards the compact and flexible Paradigm, the large and in-charge FLXX, or the ultra-versatile HXX, TRUVAC’s line of vacuum excavation trucks offers something for every project. When you equip your team with TRUVAC, you’re investing in safety, efficiency, and reliability. Now all that’s left is to pick the perfect truck for you. So, which TRUVAC model will be joining your fleet? Contact us today to learn more and schedule your free demo today!