Breaking New Ground with Cimline & Haaker Underground – Asphalt Repair Equipment

You can’t make an omlette without breaking a few eggs, and in that spirit Cimline and Haaker Underground both know you can’t build and maintain a smooth road without innovating and breaking some new ground. At Haaker Underground we’re proud to announce a transformative addition to our product lineup through collaboration with Cimline, a trailblazer in the pavement maintenance industry since 1970. This partnership promises to deliver cutting-edge solutions to our customers, and in this in-depth exploration, we’ll uncover the essence of Cimline, the groundbreaking solutions they provide, and the specific products that position them as the premier choice in asphalt repair equipment.

Cimline: Cutting Edge Asphalt Repair Equipment Since 1970

For over five decades, Cimline has stood as a beacon in the pavement maintenance industry, consistently introducing groundbreaking solutions that redefine industry benchmarks. With an unwavering commitment to performance and innovation, Cimline has fostered a global presence through an extensive network of distributors. This commitment aligns seamlessly with Haaker Underground’s mission of providing top-tier solutions to our valued customers.

Cimline’s offerings are distinguished by their cutting-edge lineup of pothole patching solutions, designed to ensure traffic-ready surfaces in a matter of minutes. The efficiency and cost-effectiveness inherent in these solutions generate excitement at Haaker Underground. The P2 Two Person Patcher, P3 Truck Mounted Patcher, P4 Roll-Off Patcher, and P5 One-Person Patcher present permanent pothole patching solutions with industry-leading operating costs.

What sets Cimline apart is the state-of-the-art spray injection process, a superior method compared to less effective patching techniques. This process, integrated into the DuraPatcher™ Technology, employs a spray-injection system with virtually no moving parts, utilizing an air-driven mechanism to deliver emulsion and aggregate to the street. The Vent-Flo™ nozzle ensures precise emulsion coating, irrespective of aggregate size.

Another exceptional feature of Cimline’s pavement maintenance systems is their ability to operate with a minimal crew of 1-2 operators, facilitating swift and efficient permanent patches without the need for compaction. This not only streamlines operations but also results in substantial cost savings.


Product Lineup

Cimline Pothole Patching Solutions

P2 Two-Person Patcher: This low-maintenance, high-performance pothole patching machine operates with as little as a 2-person crew. The air-driven system, with virtually no moving parts, ensures reliability, and the Vent-Flo™ nozzle guarantees precise emulsion coating.

P3 Truck-Mounted Patcher: Offering the same features as the trailer patcher but with the convenience of being truck-mounted, this self-contained patching machine simplifies operations, making it especially useful in low clearance residential streets or areas with tight turning radii.

P4 Roll-Off Patcher: Utilizing existing hook lift trucks, the self-contained hook lift P4 is loaded onto the truck in minutes for two-person patching. This innovative solution eliminates seasonality in your fleet and maximizes budget efficiency.

P5 One-Person Patcher: Designed for a one-person crew from the comfort of the cab, the P5 delivers permanent patches in four easy steps: Clean, Tack, Fill, and Coat. It offers a faster, simpler patching process that limits public disruption.


Cimline Crack Sealer

M-Series Crack Sealers: Ranging from 150 to 410-gallon capacities, the M-Series crack sealers build on over fifty years of innovation. Known for reliability, performance, and productivity, these machines boast operator-friendly features, including the lowest load height in the industry, noise levels up to 40% lower, and easy-to-use automatic controls.

R3 Asphalt Crack Router: This high-performance router employs the latest technology to provide accurate routing, a crucial step in effective crack sealing. The R3 dust suppression system ensures operator safety and mitigates dust for up to 45 minutes of constant cut time.

Cimline Emulsion Storage

T-Series Emulsion Tanks: From the dependable T-Series™ Emulsion Tanks to the versatile T1 Mobile Emulsion Tank trailer, Cimline offers a comprehensive range of top-quality emulsion storage solutions. With gallon capacities ranging from 250 to 10,000 gallons, these tanks are designed to maximize productivity and ensure seamless operations.

Cimline Asphalt Paving

MA4 Longitudinal Joint Sealer: The industry’s first and only towable Void Reducing Asphalt Membrane (VRAM) applicator, the MA4 Longitudinal Joint Sealer, provides accurate, high-performance routing without the need for a commercial driver’s license (CDL). It enables control over the critical step of paving, eliminating sub-contractor mark-ups and delays.


Whether you require efficient pothole patching, crack sealing, emulsion storage, or asphalt paving, Cimline’s diverse and reliable product lineup is poised to cater to your needs. It takes new innovations to solve old problems, and we at Haaker Underground are excited for the smooth roads we see in our future with Cimline by our side. Explore the groundbreaking products from Cimline for yourself and revolutionize your approach to asphalt repair. To learn more about how these solutions can benefit your projects, just take a look at the full asphalt repair equipment, or else reach out to us through our webform and even call us at (909) 598-2706!