Revolutionizing Storm Drain Management – Clamshell Bucket Trucks

You have to venture deep when it comes to news about excavation, and Haaker Underground is thrilled to unveil a groundbreaking addition to our product offerings with Clamshell Bucket Trucks, representing the ingenuity of Stetco. This exciting expansion opens doors to a dynamic category designed for the complexities of storm drain management. These trucks provide a tried and true solution, offering cost-effective and reliable answers to the intricate challenges faced by municipalities. Just as clamshell buckets offer flexibility in handling diverse materials during excavation or piling projects, our partnership with Stetco promises adaptable solutions for storm drain management.

Stetco: Leading the Way in Storm Drain Management Equipment Solutions

Stetco has earned its reputation for providing top-quality storm drain management solutions, offering a cost-effective and reliable approach to address challenging stormwater and infrastructure issues. What makes Stetco stand out is its commitment to delivering eco-friendly solutions that comply with EPA stormwater mandates. Stetco’s innovative products excel in any climate, providing unmatched durability in the industry.

Our excitement at Haaker Underground stems from Stetco’s ability to deliver custom-engineered buckets designed to squeeze out water while efficiently removing heavy debris. This not only reduces unproductive dump runs but also enables digging in dry conditions without the need to create slurry. Stetco’s single-engine efficiency trucks burn less fuel and operate quietly, creating ideal conditions for maintaining diverse stormwater collection systems while making a measurable impact for municipal clients and the environment.

Stetco’s Solutions: Efficient, Versatile, and Eco-Friendly
Stetco’s storm drain management solutions are designed to complement and enhance vacuum truck capabilities at about half the cost. The hydraulic specialty equipment offered by Stetco ensures clean and efficient operations, addressing even the most challenging municipal drainage infrastructure issues.

950 Combination Unit: The 950 Combination Unit embodies Stetco’s commitment to simplicity, efficiency, and intelligence. Equipped with hydraulic clam or orange-peel buckets, this unit provides positive, waterless cleaning power. With the ability to clean large volumes of heavy, abrasive debris from stormwater structures with zero liquid discharge, the 950 Combination Unit is a cost-effective alternative to vac-trucks, substantially lowering the cost of ownership.

950T/15, 950T/13, 920SP/14: Stetco’s 950T/15, 950T/13, and 920SP/14 Catch Basin Cleaners continue the tradition of power, performance, and preparedness. With digging depths ranging from 13 to 100 feet below grade, these units offer versatility in addressing stormwater challenges. Their hydraulic clam or orange-peel buckets, along with pragmatic design, provide economical cleaning capabilities, reducing stormwater compliance costs and increasing fleet preparedness.

Rectangular Clamshell, Round Clamshell, Orange Peel, Orange Peel- Long Blade: Stetco’s range of buckets, including Rectangular Clamshell, Round Clamshell, Orange Peel, and Orange Peel- Long Blade, brings positive, waterless cleaning power. Available in various sizes, these buckets effortlessly remove heavy debris, eliminating the need for water addition. Their waterless functionality simplifies operations, conserving water resources and revolutionizing the efficiency of storm drain cleaning.

Debris Body: Stetco’s Debris Body is a testament to proven municipal performance. With features like a crossmemberless understructure, full perimeter splash shields, watertight tailgate gasket, hydraulic hoist with safety props, and more, this body ensures power, performance, and preparedness in storm drain cleaning operations.

Revolutionize your approach to storm drain management with our latest addition—Clamshell Bucket Trucks from Stetco. Whether you need efficient cleaning, cost-effective solutions, or eco-friendly stormwater compliance, Stetco’s diverse and reliable product lineup has you covered. Explore these groundbreaking products from Stetco and transform your storm drain maintenance operations by taking a look at our clamshell bucket truck product pages. For more information on how these solutions can benefit your municipality, reach out to us through our webform or call us at (909) 598-2706.