DigPig: Revolutionizing Hydrovac Nozzles for Superior Excavation

Maybe it’s embarrassing to get excited over accessories, but here at Haaker Underground we’re not shy about our excitement over our new pairing with DigPig. DigPig, experts in the hydrovac accessory space for over two decades, have created a revolutionary line of accessories to help get the most out of your hydrovac equipment, providing safe-digging technology, superior productivity, and better performance. Working with DigPig means we’re furthering our mission to provide state-of-the-art equipment and delivering the highest quality products and services, no matter what your team needs.

Elevating Hydrovac Nozzle Technology

DigPig is a hydrovac nozzle and accessories manufacturing company with a remarkable legacy—25 years of ownership and operation in the Hydrovac space. Recognizing the need for better, sustainable, and long-lasting products, DigPig has designed the first hydrovac nozzle capable of tackling all ground conditions and climates. This pioneering approach is a game-changer for the hydro excavation industry.

Hydrovacs, utilizing high-pressure water to cut and liquefy soil while employing high-volume vacuum for soil removal, have become indispensable in various applications. Whether it’s daylighting to expose underground utilities, soil trenching for cable and pipeline installation, piling hole excavation, debris removal, or cold-weather digging, hydrovacs offer unmatched safety and precision compared to traditional methods. They reduce the risk of damages caused by shovel strikes, providing a safer and more environmentally friendly alternative.

DigPig’s specifically designed nozzles are engineered to maximize the efficiency of every hydrovac session. These heavy-duty nozzles are crafted with the toughest materials, ensuring durability in the harshest environments. With a focus on protecting users and underground utilities, DigPig’s nozzles are designed to keep operators safe in rocky, frosty, and other challenging conditions, facilitating faster completion of jobs with less downtime and more runtime.

DigPig Silencer Nozzle

The DigPig Silencer Nozzle stands out as a Hydrovac and Industrial Turbo Nozzle, setting new standards for durability and longevity. Key features include an advanced filter coin system, a high heat rating of 205°F/96°C, a robust 4200 psi rating, and a 10-degree spray raid. The safety yellow color enhances visibility, while stainless steel inlet and body ensure strength and resistance to harsh conditions. With 80% stronger carbides, less vibration, and less noise, the Silencer Nozzle boasts the strongest cover on the market. Additionally, users can change GPM with purchased kits, and each nozzle comes with trackable serial numbers for added convenience and accountability.

DigPig Titan Hydrovac Lance

The DigPig Titan Hydrovac Lance represents the pinnacle of hydrovac lance technology. It is an impressive 90% stronger than any other lance on the market, featuring a lightweight design without compromising on strength. The Titan Lance addresses the constant lance breakages during quick connects with its superior construction, using the strongest materials and reinforcing thread connections, handling control, and overall safety. Made with stainless steel, thick-wall schedule 80 aluminum, and type 3 anodizing, it is corrosion-free even in harsh conditions, ensuring longevity. The Titan Lance offers unparalleled strength with a lightweight design for superior performance.

You can check out a video of DigPig Titan Hydrovac Lance here

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Transform your hydrovac experience with DigPig Nozzles. Our partnership with DigPig represents a leap forward in hydrovac technology, enhancing safety, efficiency, and durability. Whether you need the Silencer Nozzle’s advanced features or the Titan Hydrovac Lance’s unmatched strength, DigPig’s product lineup is designed to meet you and your team’s specific needs on any hydrovac endeavor. For more information on how these Hydrovac Nozzle solutions can elevate your projects, reach out to us through our webform or call us at (909) 598-2706. Join us in embracing the future of hydro excavation with Haaker Underground and DigPig—where innovation meets performance.