3 Reasons to Choose Hydro Excavation

Using hydro excavation trucks can make your next project safer and faster. Accurate and non-destructive, hydrovac excavation is ideal for locating underground utilities and reducing the risk of accidents. Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of hydrovac excavation!

FLXX hydrovac excavation truck

1. Hydro Excavation Is Efficient

Pressurized water from hydro excavation trucks easily cut through and break up soil. The slurry is then lifted from the area using a powerful vacuum. It is then transferred effortlessly to a holding tank. This process makes locating underground utilities efficient and safe.

2. Hydro Excavation is Safe

The top benefit of hydro excavation is that it is much safer for people, communities and infrastructure than mechanical excavation. Hydro excavation significantly reduces the risk of damage to important infrastructure like pipes, lines and cables. It also prevents utility interruptions and make it less likely that your team will suffer injuries due to striking underground utilities.

3. Hydro Excavation Is Easier

Hydro excavation helps operators overcome the challenges of traditional excavation using heavy equipment. It is the preferred method for installing lines, poles and signs, and it is perfect for daylighting and potholing.

Hydro excavation also makes for a better, safer, more efficient worksite. With hydro excavation, you can position equipment away from the worksite. This capability allows you to reduce traffic congestion around the excavation area.

A Trusted Source for Hydro Excavation Equipment

Now you know more about the benefits of hydro excavation trucks. What you need now is a trusted heavy equipment supplier!

Haaker Equipment Company can help you to dig smart and dig fast. We’ve worked in the hydro vacuum field for more than 40 years. During that time, we’ve earned a reputation for delivering high-quality products and impeccable service.

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