2 Ways to Combat Inaccurate Utility Markings with Hydrovac Excavation Trucks

Mapping underground utility locations and using flags to mark “suggested” locations is the best way to reduce the risk of damage while working. However, maps and location methods don’t always provide exact depths and locations of buried utility lines. Visual confirmation remains a tried-and-true method to increase safety on job sites, and hydrovac excavation trucks remain the most useful tool for exposing underground facilities accurately.

Our hydrovac excavation trucks provide a more precise, safer and less destructive method for daylighting. Performed with pressurized water or air along with an industrial strength vacuum, vacuum excavation can be used to excavate and evacuate soil to clearly expose underground utilities.

Supporting Productivity While Mitigating Risks

The number one goal in underground utility location and digging is damage prevention. And what’s the best way to do that? Expecting the unexpected.

That means understanding that even the best made plans don’t always match reality, and that unanticipated issues like gas leaks can change your work schedule at any time. After calling 811 before you dig and marking utility lines, carefully consider the surfaces that will need to be cut, how much workspace is available for equipment access and what is the anticipated density of buried services. Thinking about these things will support productivity on the job and help you make a plan to mitigate risks as much as possible.

FLXX hydrovac excavation truck

Visually Identify Buried Utilities

The ultimate goal of excavation work is to visually locate underground utilities. Our hydrovac excavation trucks from TRUVAC make this easy. Each one is designed to support safe practices with non-destructive excavation that will provide visual confirmation of buried utilities and increase productivity on the job. To learn more, explore our TRUVAC inventory here and contact us to schedule your free demo!