Rental Vacuum Excavation Trucks in San Diego

TRUVAC’s HXX rental vacuum excavation truck in San Diego meets all mid-sized and full-sized excavation needs, boosts job site productivity and can power jack hammers, tampers and other tools while also towing mini-excavators, job supply trailers or HDD drills. It’s also the ideal safe-digging machine that protects your team and community at worksites.

Striking underground utilities poses a serious threat to life and limb. Just ask people in Nachusa, Illinois, where a father and son were killed in a natural gas pipeline explosion while working on a farm field. The devastating accident occurred when a tractor pulling a tiling plow became stuck and workers used another tractor to attempt to free the first. When they lost traction, they struck a natural gas pipeline, flames and black smoke shot 150 feet in the air and a family and community were forever changed.

A similar event occurred in western Las Vegas, where a backhoe hit a natural gas line buried under the street. Fortunately, no one died in the incident, but firefighters battled flames for hours and the area had to be evacuated.

Reduce the Risk by Renting a HXX Vacuum Excavation Truck in San Diego

These and other horror stories can be avoided by taking two steps: calling 811 before you dig and using the HXX hydrovac truck for safer digging.

When you call 811, you’ll be connected to an operator who will gather information about your work and alert local utility operators of your plans. They will visit your worksite and clearly mark any buried utilities.

Using a hydrovac truck like the HXX allows you to visually locate underground utilities as you work. This makes it the perfect safe-digging machine and helps you protect your team and community.

To learn more about the HXX hydrovac truck and to see it in action for yourself, contact Haaker Underground today to schedule your FREE demo.