3 Benefits of Hydro Vacuum Excavation Trucks

You can make your next excavation project faster and safer with hydro excavation.

When using a hydro vacuum, operators remove or move soil using pressurized water. Next, they might use a truck vacuum to transfer soil and debris to a holding tank.

This method is accurate and non-destructive. It’s also a good technique to pinpoint underground utilities.

The popularity of hydro excavation started in Canada. There, cold weather freezes the ground. In time, contractors learned that they could use hydro excavation and heated water for thawing soil and getting jobs done faster.

Now, a growing number of companies across several industries make use of hydro excavation. To learn three benefits of the hydro vacuum excavation truck, keep reading.

1. Hydro Excavation Is Effective

Operators move soil easily during hydro excavation using pressurized water. The process involves cutting through and breaking up soil.

Next, operators will use a vacuum truck to lift the slurry from the evacuation area. Then, they’ll transfer the debris to the holding tank.

For this process to work, the hydro excavation equipment must have a vacuum source. Operators can use two sources for this purpose—either a fan system or a positive displacement blower.

A Look at Fan System Excavation

Using the fan system, operators can move a large amount of soil. This method makes the excavation process go quickly.

A fan system is also easier to operate and control. Also, it’s usually lighter and less costly than a positive displacement blower system.

In most instances, operators can use a fan system to complete an excavation effectively. For more challenging excavations, however, operators might use a positive displacement blower system. This method can move debris across longer distances.

For example, operators can use this method to excavate to greater depths. However, the process takes longer.

During fan system excavation, the truck uses a fan to pull in debris. The debris is drawn toward the fan and released near the outer tip of the blades. The larger the fan, the more air that the truck can move.

A Closer Look at Positive Displacement Pump Excavation

A positive displacement pump truck uses an expanding cavity on the suction side. It also has a decreasing cavity on the discharge side.

As the system operates, liquid flows into the pump as the suction cavity expands. It will then flow out as the discharge cavity collapses.

A positive displacement pump performs this action quickly and repeatedly. It takes in air in large gulps. As the system takes in gulps, it will move debris.

With a positive displacement pump, however, you cannot bury the pickup line. If you do, you’ll create a blockage that will stop airflow.

A fan system excavation truck works best with light, loose materials. Alternatively, a positive displacement vacuum truck is best for use with moderate to heavyweight materials that are wet or dense.

2. The Hydro Vacuum Process Is Safer

Hydro excavation provides several benefits. Today, it’s the most preferred method of excavation. Because it is efficient and accurate, companies prefer the technique.

The top benefit of hydro excavation is that it is safer compared to mechanical excavation. For this reason, there are fewer accidents and injuries when using hydro excavation.

Furthermore, hydro excavation is more efficient. Using the technique, operators can get the job done faster.

Hydro excavation also reduces damage to important features. These features might include underground cables, pipes, and lines. Because you’re less likely to damage equipment during hydro excavation, it also greatly reduces the number of repairs needed during an excavation.

Utility interruptions are a major inconvenience. If an operator hits a utility line, they must repair it immediately.

For this reason, a damaged utility line brings an excavation to a halt. This scenario results in project delays and more costs.

With hydro excavation, you can avoid these problems. Ultimately, it will help to promote a better image for your company.

3. Hydro Excavation Is Easier

More often than not, workers must build subsurface utilities and underground facilities during construction. The excavation required to complete this task is not easy. Furthermore, it creates significant risks.

Hydro excavation helps operators overcome the challenges of traditional excavation using heavy equipment. For this reason, companies use hydro excavation for line, pole, and sign installation. They also use it for daylighting and potholing.

Hydro excavation also makes for a better worksite. With hydro excavation, you can position equipment away from the worksite. This capability allows you to reduce traffic congestion around the excavation area.

Improve Your Operation With Hydro Excavation

Hydro excavation equipment does not replace traditional equipment completely. Backhoes, trenches, and standard shovels all have their place in a modern excavation. However, in many instances, these tools can do more damage than good.

Many important utilities run underground. For instance, the backbone for power, water, and fiber-optic lines all route under the surface. For this reason, it’s becoming increasingly important to find non-destructive excavation options.

With hydro excavation, you can both dig and excavate soil safely. It’s a more environmentally friendly option compared to traditional excavation.

Furthermore, it’s a straightforward process. Hydro excavation requires much less labor and backfill work. For these reasons, hydro excavation is well-suited for many projects and tasks.

Today, firms of all sizes can take advantage of hydrovac equipment. If you only have the occasional excavation project, for example, you can even rent a hydro excavation truck.

A Trusted Source for Hydro Excavation Equipment

Now you know more about the benefits of hydro excavation trucks. What you need now is a trusted heavy equipment supplier.

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