Early Signs of Hearing Loss & Mitigating Risk with Wireless Headsets

More than 10% of Americans have trouble hearing, but many people don’t notice it right away because the symptoms of diminished hearing often happen gradually. Understanding the early symptoms and signs can help you protect your auditory health and prevent future damages.

Subtle Indicators of Hearing Loss

The symptoms of hearing loss often begin gradually, and you may not notice them at first. Do you struggle to hear your phone’s alarm or a beeping microwave immediately? Maybe you have a slight ringing in your ears, or you get easily frustrated because it feels like other people aren’t speaking clearly. Perhaps you’ve been told by others that you are speaking loudly. These small changes can be early indicators of hearing loss.

Decreased Understanding

Have you ever listened to someone speak and heard the words but struggled to make sense of them? When hearing damage is present, it can be difficult for your brain to attach meaning to the sounds you hear. This struggle to make sense of what you are hearing is a common sign of hearing loss.

Take Action to Prevent Damage

If you notice any of these symptoms or signs, talk to your company’s HR team to ask about any hearing conservation programs. If the noise levels in your facility seem dangerously high, talk about getting them tested with an octave band analyzer or dosimeter. Have a hearing exam to assess your current hearing levels and set a baseline for better understanding the results of future exams.

Use Sonetics Wireless Headsets to Protect Hearing and Boost Communications

Headsets protect your hearing while enabling easy communication. With Sonetics, there’s no need to remove foamies or muffs to talk with your coworkers. This means your hearing is always protected, and you can communicate naturally.

These units also allow for situational awareness of machines, traffic and voices. This means you can hear important sounds at safe levels.

Taking these steps to mitigate risks can help you maintain communication while protecting your sense of hearing. Learn more about Sonetics headsets with listen-through technology and hearing protection by contacting us today.