August 11, 2022

Hydra-Flex Nozzles for Increased Efficiency

Our high-quality nozzles from Vactor and Hydra-Flex improve efficiency and productivity while digging with water. Customizable options, durable designs and the most efficient streams let you excel in even the harshest conditions, making digging more efficient and productive than ever before. RIPSAW ROTATING TURBO NOZZLE – 3200 from Hydra-Flex The Ripsaw Rotating Turbo nozzle is...
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TRUVAC FLXX hydrovac excavation truck

What Makes TRUVAC the Safer Choice for Digging?

A utility line is struck every six minutes in the United States. That means that by the time you finish reading this blog post, another line will be hit. The threat of power and utility disruption and severe injuries is very real in digging projects. That’s why we place such a high priority on safe...
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