What Makes TRUVAC the Safer Choice for Digging?

A utility line is struck every six minutes in the United States. That means that by the time you finish reading this blog post, another line will be hit.

The threat of power and utility disruption and severe injuries is very real in digging projects. That’s why we place such a high priority on safe digging here at Haaker Underground. We’re all about taking the proper steps for safety before you dig and choosing the best equipment to minimize risks to your crew and community.

State-of-the-Art Technology

Our vacuum excavators for sale feature the most sophisticated technology available today. These innovations allow for faster excavation speeds and the most precise digging possible. In fact, our hydrovac trucks allow you to determine the exact depth of a utility with 100% accuracy. No other method of excavation can deliver that.

Digging Safe = Vacuum Excavating

There’s a risk any time to plunge a shovel into the ground, and heavy machinery like backhoes can easily dig up more than just dirt. On the other hand, vacuum excavating is a safer, non-destructive way to uncover underground utilities. Our hydrovac trucks from TRUVAC use pressurized water or compressed air to loosen soil then vacuum it into a debris tank.

This excavation method is simple, efficient and never puts mechanical parts in contact with the utilities being exposed. This means there’s no fear of breaking or rupturing a line.

Vacuum excavation causes minimal soil disruption. Holes are easy to patch by returning the dirt when air excavating, and this simple process allows you to confirm the location, type and depth of buried lines before you begin your construction project.



Hydrovac Trucks are Cost Effective

Our vacuum excavators are far faster than other digging methods. That fact, combined with the reduced need for repair work thanks to ultimate precision, makes vacuum excavation incredibly cost effective in terms of time, labor and materials.

Safe digging is our priority, which is why we are proud to include TRUVAC trucks in our inventory of vacuum excavators. These trucks have exclusive features like DigRight, a patented technology that allows you to control water pressure with the simple push of a button. Learn more about what makes TRUVAC essential for safe digging by scheduling your free demo of the HXX, Prodigy or Paradigm today.