TRUVAC Paradigm
Paradigm TRUVAC hydro vacuum truck

TRUVAC Paradigm Vacuum Excavation Truck Promotes Safe Digging

Did you know that every six minutes, an underground utility line is damaged in the United States?  There are more than 20 million miles of underground utilities in the United States. To put that into perspective, that means that there are more than an entire football field’s length of buried utilities for every single person...
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Safely Navigating the Maze of Underground Utilities

Nothing brings a construction job to a halt quicker than discovering unexpected water pipes, sewer tile, electrical lines or gas pipes. If you’re lucky, your crew will recognize the line before disrupting it. If you’re not lucky, you may find yourselves on the evening news that day.  There are more than 20 million miles of...
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Celebrating National Safe Digging Month

April is National Safe Digging Month — a reminder to all people who dig or excavate to call 811 at least 72 hours before digging to have utility lines marked. Taking this simple step can prevent injuries, utility outages and property damage.  What is 811?  811 is the national call-before you dig phone number. Before...
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