Common Issues & Best Practices for Hydro-Excavation Nozzle Maintenance

Hydro-excavation, a method that utilizes high-pressure water to safely dig and remove soil, is a groundbreaking technique in the construction and excavation industry. However, ensuring the optimal performance of hydro-excavation equipment requires diligent maintenance, especially when it comes to the critical component—the nozzle. Neglecting proper maintenance can lead to a plethora of issues, ranging from...
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Hydra-Flex Nozzles for Increased Efficiency

Our high-quality nozzles from Vactor and Hydra-Flex improve efficiency and productivity while digging with water. Customizable options, durable designs and the most efficient streams let you excel in even the harshest conditions, making digging more efficient and productive than ever before. RIPSAW ROTATING TURBO NOZZLE – 3200 from Hydra-Flex The Ripsaw Rotating Turbo nozzle is...
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Durability, Safety and Performance: Our Nozzles

Haaker Underground is dedicated to advanced, safe-digging technology, to superior productivity and to better performance. That’s what we were founded on, and it’s what we deliver to you in every nozzle we provide. Our high-performance nozzles from Vactor and Hydra-Flex are designed to improve your productivity while digging with water. Durable designs, customization options and...
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