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Hydro Excavation Applications and Benefits

Excavation is a necessary but often cumbersome and disruptive public service. While traditional excavation is fast, hydro excavation is safer for cables, underground pipes, utility lines, work teams and communities.  What is Hydro Excavation?  Hydro vacuum excavation is a non-destructive method of moving earth. Using this method, operators use pressurized water to break up soil....
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Pacific Tek Vacuum Excavators for Every Need and Budget

At Haaker Underground, we understand that each customer is unique, and every excavation project has different challenges. That’s why we are excited to offer Pacific Tek vacuum excavators in our sales and rental inventory. Specifically manufactured  for potholing/daylighting vacuum excavation, these powerful units are offered as a skid mounted vacuum or can be built onto...
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Digging Deep with TRUVAC

When it comes to innovation, quality engineering and reliable performance, no other vacuum excavators come close to TRUVAC. These premium vacuum excavator trucks are specifically designed to satisfy the safe-digging requirements of organizations or businesses that locate and verify underground utility lines and pipes, meeting the most demanding excavation needs. TRUVAC Paradigm Tough, powerful and...
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Hydro Excavation in Remote Areas

Excavation plays an important role in so many different aspects of our lives — sewers, underground utilities and pipelines are installed through it. Sprinklers, signs and posts are often where they are thanks to digging, and even professional landscaping may use excavation to properly place plants. Excavating in remote areas presents particular challenges. Wilderness areas...
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The Past and Future of Hydro Excavation

Hydro excavation, the process of using pressurized water in combination with a high-powered vacuum to excavate, has been used for decades. At first, this type of excavation was adopted mostly in the oil and gas industries. As safety increasingly became a priority in the energy industry, use of hydrovac excavation trucks boomed. Their use became...
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