Excavation plays an important role in so many different aspects of our lives — sewers, underground utilities and pipelines are installed through it. Sprinklers, signs and posts are often where they are thanks to digging, and even professional landscaping may use excavation to properly place plants.

Excavating in remote areas presents particular challenges. Wilderness areas and remote roads make access for heavy equipment difficult, and damaging surroundings is a real risk in remote job sites.

Hydro Excavation is Ideal for Remote Areas

Hydro excavation is the perfect solution for remote work. The truck can remain away from the actual site to reduce damages and congestion.

The pressurized water of hydro excavation is strong enough to break through frozen ground and dig easily in areas inaccessible by more traditional equipment. The pressure applies is also more accurate and precise than conventional methods, and hydro vacuum excavation is nondestructive. This makes it the ideal choice for safe remote digging.


Safe Digging in Remote Locations

Safety is paramount at a job site, especially in remote locations. Using hydro excavation trucks, like TRUVAC’s Paradigm, is a best practice for working around underground utilities. Combining vacuum trucks and high-pressure water, these trucks allow you to remove soil around buried utility lines safely and precisely.

To learn more about the Paradigm and how this compact, low-profile truck lets you excavate around utilities with the utmost efficiency and safety, schedule your free demo today!