Hydro Vac Systems Play Important Role in Coronavirus Response

As coronavirus cases continue to rise at alarming rates across the country, we are reminded of the importance of professional cleaning and sanitizing of our communities and the role our equipment plays in keeping our neighborhoods safe. Our TRUVAC hydro vac systems can be an essential part of your city’s coronavirus response. Our fleet of...
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Hydro Excavation Trucks are Part of Coronavirus Response

Professional cleaning and sanitizing of our communities, cities and states has never been more important than today due to the coronavirus pandemic.  Our fleet of TRUVAC hydro vac systems can collect and convey materials from great distances from the machine. They normally incorporate the ability to heat the liquid to temperatures near 200 degrees F,...
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Protect Your Team from Coronavirus with Vanguard Pathogen Defense System

Your sewer cleaning team is your greatest asset, and protecting them is your top priority. For decades the wastewater industry has known that raw sewage and wastewater host a plethora of harmful parasites, bacteria and viruses. Regular exposure to these dangerous pathogens puts sewer workers at risk. Contact with raw sewage and wastewater is far...
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