Sonetics Headsets Increase Safety in Construction Industry

Sonetics wireless headsets help heavy equipment operators communicate on the job to work faster and with more precision. With our Sonetics headsets, you can protect your hearing while communicating with your crew at the same time. 

Crews can talk to each other completely hands-free and in real-time without interruptions or needing to stop equipment. Instructions are clearly heard, questions are answered directly and the work continues thanks to seamless communication. 

Your crew is fully protected when the headsets are on, and workers can freely talk to each other with ease. There’s no need to remove the headsets, compromising the safety of your crew. 

Crew warnings, instructions, alerts and updates are delivered in real time. This effortless, speedy communication means the risk of injuries and mistakes is lower, and job hazards are reduced. 

Full-duplex communication means no waiting for your turn to speak, no cumbersome buttons to push and no needing to yell to be heard, even in loud, busy environments. 

Improved quality means no communications breakdowns. Precision is maintained, costly mistakes are avoided and job performance goes up. 

The unique Sonetics Listen-Through Technology allows you to hear alarms, traffic and warnings with outside sound while still protecting your hearing. 

Sonetics’ range covers your entire site. The flexible range of up to 1600 feet can be extended up to two miles by simply connecting your existing radio. 

To learn more about team communication with Sonetics that keeps the work moving, contact the experts at Haaker Underground today. We are happy to recommend the best Sonetics system for your needs that will allow for clear communications so you can focus on the job at hand.